The problem of mind-body interaction and the causal principle of Descartes’s Third Meditation

The problem of the internal consistency of Descartes' doctrine of the real difference and interaction of mind and body. Consistency of this doctrine with the causal principle formulated in the Third Meditation. Consideration of the Cartesian appeal.

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  • Relationship between the mental and the physical. The contents of the concepts of mind and matter that is constitutive for the mind-body problem and accounts for the differences between the positions of materialism, dualism, idealism and panpsychism.

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  • Unless a case is to be made for disembodied spirits, dualism of mind and body is an idle redundancy. Corresponding to every mental state, the dualist is bound to admit the existence of a bodily state that obtains when and only when the mental one obtains.

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  • Ontologism of the classical mind. Hierarchism (Subordinationism) of the classical mind. The transcendence of the foundations of the classic mind. Difference between classical and modern cultural worlds, and in the rationalities characteristic to them.

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  • The consideration of the personal nature of Cartesian metaphysics. Outlining methodological changes in the philosophy of the twentieth century. The analysis of main ways to interpret anthropological component of philosophizing in Descartes studies.

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  • The Philosophical foundation of teleological theory. Essence new understanding concept of behavior under teleological behavior theory. Welzel’s criticism to causal behavior theory. Rethinking of the doctrine of distinction between subject and object.

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  • A renewal of concern with some of the philosophical questions revolving about Leibnitz`s doctrine of the identity of indiscernibles. A version of the principle of the identity of indiscernibles which is perhaps its most plausible interpretation.

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  • Computational natural-language understanding and a computational mind. Description semantics as correspondence. The fundamental principle of understanding. Familiarity breeds comprehension. Dictionary definitions and algebra. The symbol-grounding problem.

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  • The study of the methodological approach, according to which the mind as a whole and in all its forms can be reduced to faith, knowledge and cognition. Analysis of cognitivism as a paradigm principle, introduced in the field of philosophy and humanities.

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  • Review of the book by Bernard Kastrup, a specialist in the field of philosophy of mind. Contrasting the author's vision of the world with the existing ideas of the worldview. Consideration of the universal mind as the only fundamental essence of nature.

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  • Definition of categorical objects of cognition in the philosophy of Meganadarisuri. Study of the doctrine of the intelligent subject. Investigation of the nature of the jiva. Characteristics of the body of Brahman, Ramanuja in the treatise Nayadjumani.

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