Russian Music

The origin of the ancient Slavic music. The evolution of musical styles promoted by the composers, instrumentalists and singers. Especially folk and Church songs. The contribution of Russian composers of XVIII-XX centuries to the Fund of world art.

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  • Definition of features of program music in the study of piano works of one of modern Bukovinian composers - Joseph Elgiser. Investigation of the development of professional musical art in Bukovina. Finding out the basics of piano music in the region.

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  • Creating the main forms of canonical worship as a musical genre - Liturgy and Vigil - are brought to the light. The identify of historical stages of Orthodox liturgical singing tradition and its transformation into a genre and form of music art.

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  • Features compilation of musical compositions, their execution in the United Kingdom inherited the European classical traditions of the eighteenth century. The analysis of the most widespread revivalist interpretation of traditional English folk music.

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  • The main modes of innovation in the use of the damper piano pedal by contemporary composers. Classification and aesthetic-stylistic justification of the innovative use of the damper pedal in contemporary piano music in the works by Ukrainian composers.

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  • The problems of determination of dimension of existence of music in philosophical and aesthetic views on art. Consideration of Oswald Spengler musical intentions in relation to the ethos of culture. The implementation of culture styles in music.

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  • Periodization of life and work of O. Koshitsa. The reasons that led the artist to stay in a foreign country. Analysis of peculiarities of choir arrangements of Ukrainian folk songs and spiritual music. Renaissance of creativity of Koshytsia in Canada.

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  • Study the directions and trends in the modern Church and pasazerow music. Consideration of creative content, genre and stylistic peculiarities and differences of the works of composer A. Gaidenko "it is truly meet", "o Theotokos the virgin, rejoice".

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  • Concept and general characteristics of pop music, the history of its development and features. Famous performers acting in the musical style. International festivals and competitions, the participants and prizes, current state and prospects of the main.

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  • The origins and traditions of Ancient Music UK. Areas of Madrigal British school based on the Italian model, in the fifties and in the modern period. Long history of border ballads Northumbria. Features and stages of development of British rock music.

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  • Music - the one of the most versatile branches of human self-expression. Main directions and modern forms of musical art. The most popular types of music: blues, classical, country, jazz, electronic, metal, punk, rock-n-roll, rock, rap and techno.

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