Learning Nonlinear Principal Manifolds by Self-Organising Maps

Determination of features and order of registration of the homogeneous-organized map (SOM) facilities of modern cartography. Description of function of maintainance of birth-certificate of locality on a map (VISOM). Multidimensional analysis of locality.

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  • Тhe classified precipitation events with respect to the different scale of atmospheric processes which cause the formation of clouds. The genetically homogeneous sample of 40-year duration of the rainfall observations in Poland by spline functions.

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  • Description of the main advantages of the use of new technologies in land management. The study of modern measurement tools in geodesy. Determination of the need for a more correct study of new methods. Simultaneous formation of a schematic drawing.

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  • The upgrading of road networks on raster topographic maps according to the satellites located on the earth’s surface. Consideration of the benefits of using the given image format for map updates. The particular location of objects on space images.

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  • Analysis of main quantitative characteristics of strong ground motions required for the construction of earth dams in seismic zones. The results of research are based on seismic hazard assessment for the facilities in Amur Region and Khabarovsk Territory.

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  • Analysis method of minimizing error in the measured angle of the device when the linear values is not before a certain interval to determine the length of meter and decimeter ranges of leveling members for leveling and control of the tester comparator.

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  • The characteristic of serious instability of the borehole, which often occur during drilling in shale gas reservoirs. Research anf analysis of features of the collapse pressure, which is the lowest during drilling to the maximum horizontal stress.

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  • Analysis of methods of controlling rock massif conditions and forecasting stability of slopes and pit walls. Study of the slope stability nomograms with dimensionless quantities. Characteristic of geological, hydrogeological and technological factors.

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  • Побудова тривимірної моделі планети Земля. Використання дронів, супутників і даних геоінформаційних систем. Характеристика безкоштовного картографічного сервісу Bing Maps. Функції та переваги програми Google Earth. Оцінка зон видимості та відстаней.

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  • Investigation of the structure of the Lisogorsko-Yaroshevskaya zone based on the results of studying and analyzing the maps of deposition capacities of 25 complexes. The history of the formation of the zone under the influence of natural processes.

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  • Characteristic elements of gravity. Features of the national reference system. Identifying features of the global positioning system. Assessment of developing applications to the next level: CORS and GIS. The elements of geodesy: the vertical datum.

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