The identity of Indiscernibles: A Reinterpretation

A renewal of concern with some of the philosophical questions revolving about Leibnitz`s doctrine of the identity of indiscernibles. A version of the principle of the identity of indiscernibles which is perhaps its most plausible interpretation.

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  • Attempt to draw lessons from the metalogical philosophical texts. Interpretation of formulas as the basic truths or basic items of knowledge that are chosen as an axiom, an interpretation of a derivative truths - given appropriate transformation rules.

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  • Policy research as the main form of state-building activity. Justification of politics and political activity of statesmen on the basis of philosophical reinterpretation of dialectics. Characteristics of moral values that produce a philosophy of politics.

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  • The reconstruct the development of a socialized interpretation of shame in the western philosophical tradition from antiquity up to the XVII century. The first detailed description of shame from the socialized perspective was proposed by Aristotle.

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  • Focusing on moral aspects of the problem of a scientist, M. Shelley polemicizes with the Enlightenment "science of happiness", calling in question the prospects of happiness by obtaining knowledge, the very idea of knowledge and virtue identity.

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  • The systematic and integrative approaches, hermeneutic, phenomenological and retrospective methods, comparative analysis, description and synthesis. The relation of the self to the body, the world, the narration, the identity with reference to Heidegger.

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  • Study of the works of "Mainstream Theatre and performance studies". Study of the phenomena of the performance. Basic principles of poststructuralism and deconstruction. Heisenberg's theory. A full arsenal of ideas, and those grouped around identity.

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  • The problem of the internal consistency of Descartes' doctrine of the real difference and interaction of mind and body. Consistency of this doctrine with the causal principle formulated in the Third Meditation. Consideration of the Cartesian appeal.

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  • The difference between conceptual explanations about the nature of uncertainty and related phenomena, on the one hand, and various philosophical theories of uncertainty, on the other. A major analysis of overvaluation, contextualism and degree theory.

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  • Defining the subject of research of general and special metaphysics. Consideration of the preconditions and consequences of discussions on freedom of will. Establishing new tasks and questions for the scientific community of philosophical direction.

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  • Simone de Beauvoir`s formulation distinguishes sex gender and suggests that gender is an aspect of identity gradually acquired. The distinction between sex and gender, the long-standing feminist effort to debunk the claim that anatomy is destiny.

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