The identity of Indiscernibles: A Reinterpretation

A renewal of concern with some of the philosophical questions revolving about Leibnitz`s doctrine of the identity of indiscernibles. A version of the principle of the identity of indiscernibles which is perhaps its most plausible interpretation.

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  • The philosophical and scientific dialogue between Vladimir Vernadsky and Pavel Florensky in the context of Russian philosophy. The complementarity between Vernadsky’s and Florensky’s work with emphasis on their conception of noosphere-pneumatosphere.

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  • Characteristics of the spiritual culture of the American Indians. Consideration of philosophical ideas in the mythology and folklore of the North American Indians. Features of the intellectual heritage of the culture of the indigenous population.

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  • Variability - an insufficient condition for determining the unreliability of any disputant's intuition in relation to the philosophical theory being tested. Specific features of using one’s own intuitions in cases of unconfirmed epistemic peerhood.

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  • Discusses the problems of hermeticism. Study of the European philosophical tradition which is closely connected with mysticism, which is interpreted as cognitive activity, aimed at establishing an essential connection with the spiritual levels of being.

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  • The analysis of trust from a philosophical point of view, taking into account the negative side of experience like a process that allows us to understand its fundamental function. Characteristics of the reasons and spaces that prompt acts of trust.

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  • Development of examples in support of philosophical positions, the value of a reference point for a "random stranger". Analysis of the use of examples in the controversy about the substantiation of evidence between reductionists and anti-reductivists.

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  • The analysis of discourses about the concept of the body, the lack of its philosophical comprehension, the disadvantages of conceptualization and insignificant methodological confidence. The images of super-waves and superman, which implements mass media.

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  • Philosophical reflection on the emergence and formation of the term "capitalism". The first mentions in the politics of Germany and France and the entry of the concept into scientific discourse as a stable term. The significance of Scheffle's writings.

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  • Сharacterization of the film "Matrix" from a philosophical and Christian point of view. Exploring the specifics of the matrix as the horror of a false world created only from our sensations. Viewing the film as a dream driven by malevolent forces.

    статья, добавлен 29.06.2020

  • Analysis of noogenesis from the point of view of philosophical traditions, which are much richer than the history of scientific knowledge about the psychology of meanings. The essence of being Dasein psyche in the meaning of "the soul of a philosopher."

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