Genesis of the concept "aventurismo" and its role in formation of the national conceptual sphere of Spain

Research on the development of the Spanish national-marked concept aventurismo during the XVI-XX centuries. Its close ties with other key elements of the national conceptual sphere are established. Ways of representing the concept in the language world.

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  • Analysis of dictionary definitions of concept nominations that represent the concept. Principles of using translation transformations while interpreting naming units that are components of the concept terrorism. The essential elements of national culture.

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  • The problem of the conceptual picture of the world. Channeling as a type of communication between man and higher spiritual beings. The concept life in terms of unscheduled analysis. Features of conceptual, effective, possessive and comparative frames.

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  • The concept of folklore. The role of English folklore associated with the water world of Britain, in the development of the English language and national identity, and its relationship with the British history. The problem of water pollution in Britain.

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  • Concept - a mental formation, which possesses a specific cultural value, and represents elements of the world for people in the course of communication. The reasons for the lack of ethical evaluations of "beauty" in the Russian language-based concept.

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  • The comprehensive study is to carry out etymological analysis of the name of the concept SCARCITY - the lexeme scarcity (n.) in order to determine the origin of the word. See how the conceptual content is construed and whether it changed through time.

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  • The analysis of the paroemia language world image fragment. The peculiarities of modeling "pedagogical" paroemias have been traced in Ukrainian, Russian and German from the point of peculiarities of the concept "teaching" in the different ethnic groups.

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  • Research and evaluation of the translation aspect of the English national anthems as texts of ideological discourse. Identification of the main ideological concepts of each national anthem (the True North, the Star-Spangled Banner, the soldier’s song).

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  • The national peculiarities notion of culture of the Russian and English languages. The preservation of cultural heritage of human society and the transfer of emotional evaluation. Russian and English idioms representing words "осень" and "autumn".

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  • The study of the systemic organization of the units of the lexical-semantic field of good in the English language. Representation of the lexical-semantic field of the concept "good" by various grammatical classes, which are combined on the basis of good.

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  • Review the history of national clothes: tartan, kilt and Bashkir clothes. Comparative analysis and description of the Scottish and Bashkir costumes. The study of the national dress as the display memory of the past, of traditions and national mentality.

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