Milestones of public policy of ensuring economic security under the influence of transnational corporations

Stages of the state policy of economic security in the context of the transnationalization of the national economy. The consequences of ensuring the economic security of the national economy and neutralizing threats from transnational corporations.

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  • The development of science and high technology as the most realistic way for the country to take a worthy place among the developed countries of the world. Definition of the fundamental foundations of economic and military security of the state.

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  • The article suggests an approach to the creation of the semantic and ontological model of knowledge of technical and technological potential of economic security of an enterprise. It is offered to use MIVAR technologies to design economic security.

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  • Analysis of social progress through a variety of complex environmental and economic problems. Ecologization of the economy as a process of implementing economic policy instruments in the area of resource conservation and rational nature management.

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  • Economic growth of the country and its competitiveness in the world market. Practice of reforming the domestic economy. The need to strengthen the role of the state in supporting economic innovation processes and managing innovations in general.

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  • The economic environment. Measuring economic activity. Economic systems and markets. Income, price and demand. A model of the economy, inflation. Money, banking, injections, withdrawals. Interest rates, bond prices. The money market and monetary policy.

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  • Stable, focused and forward-looking government policy. Consequences of the Global Financial Crisis for Kazakhstan. Boosted Industrial-Innovative Development Program 2010-2014. State support of investment. Special economic zones operating in Kazakhstan.

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  • Challenges for the national economy in the context of the fourth industrial revolution. Weaknesses in the policy of development of science, education and innovations. Principles on which the development strategy of the country should be developed.

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  • The experience upgrading approaches to the analysis of cluster systems that occupy an intermediate position between the levels of the economy. The options for the introduction of specialized procedures in the process of analysis of cluster mesosystems.

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  • Comparative analysis of the existence of the basic socialist and capitalist models in the light of market economy. Analysis of the economic model of liberal market relations, containing state sovereignty, national welfare and the development of etatism.

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  • The formation of the investment potential of households and its role in ensuring the modernization of the economy of Ukraine. Features of the functioning of households in the context of the importance of their economic decisions for economic development.

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