Techniques and principles in language teaching

Teaching methods and teacher learner roles. Intelligence types and appropriate educational activities. The fundamental dimension of learning style. The use of language learning strategies: a synthesis of studies with implications for strategy training.

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  • Description and explanation role play activities. The nature of role-playing games. The technique of teaching language. Learner and teacher roles. Classroom practices and behaviors. The concept of immersion in playing. Problems of accelerating learning.

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  • Dilemma in language teaching process, linguistic research. Modern techniques in language teaching, grammar translation method and communicative approach. Principles and important factors of learning and teaching vocabulary. Sets of lessons plans, tests.

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  • Essence and principles of realization of foreign language teaching methods and techniques used, the criteria for educational effectiveness. Principle of communicative orientation. Effective technologies of teaching a foreign language as a second.

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  • The essence of out-of-school foreign language teaching, the development of the organization of extracurricular activities in educational technology. The creation of a system of extracurricular activities in the process of learning a foreign language.

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  • Learning a foreign language with the use of computer technology. General types and various purposes of teaching language technologies in face-to-face classes in the classroom and for independent work. Educational software, Internet-authentic materials.

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  • What is the grammar. The Importance of Grammar in Learning a Foreign Language. The Psychological characteristics of grammar skills. The Content of Teaching Grammar. Methods and principles. A Brief Review of the Major Methods of Foreign Language Teaching.

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  • Difficulties in learning a foreign language students who have disabilities, development of effective teaching methods. Multisensory structured language, the correlation value between the stimulation of the self-esteem of students, improved achievement.

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  • The main principles and the role of the teacher in language teaching. The study of the behavior of the educator and students in the classroom. Methodological approaches to teaching English today. The modern educationalists' potential repertoire.

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  • The importance of audio visual materials in teaching and learning. Types of Teaching Aids. Theoretical and methodological aspects of using audio-visual aids in language teaching. Role audiovisual media in the learning process of English language.

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  • Developing skills, English language teaching methods for foreign students. Reasons for teaching writing as emphasizing the communicative aspect of the English language. Techniques and effective methods of teaching writing. Practical advice for teachers.

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