Socioeconomic factors influencing prenatal care in Pakistan

Analyze the socioeconomic determinants of prenatal consultation service as the components of prenatal care of women in the age group 15-49 years. Women education - an important determinant of prenatal care use. Characteristic of health policy in Pakistan.

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  • The general ideas about prenatal development of the human fetus. The observation of the formation of organs during embryonic status. The formation of arms, legs and fingers in the seventh week. Control the weight gain. Definition of term birth of a child.

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  • What is health care system. Purpose, scope and methods. Health care industry. Health economics and politics. The healthcare industry consists of the following segments. Micro-economic evaluation at treatment level. What is health and what is its value.

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  • Analysis of the organizational and economic mechanism of the health care system in Ukraine and the developed countries of the world in order to allocate the main goals of health care industry economic development. Expenditures on health care in Ukraine.

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  • Analizes of factors influencing tobacco use among women. Health consequence of tobacco use among women. Smoking and reproductive outcomes, cigarette smoking among pregnant women. New European anti-smoking campaign and quitting smoke and attempts to quit.

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  • Study of the opinion of geriatric patients about the received health care in the hospital, the conditions for improving the quality of nursing care in hospital departments. Evaluation of the activities of nursing staff of hospitals in the city of Plovdiv.

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  • The concept and spread of migraine among pregnant women. The care of pregnant women with migraine attacks without aura persisting during pregnancy. The influence of relaxation and daily walks on the intensity of migraine attacks in women during pregnancy.

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  • Features of the health care system in the United States. General characteristics of the structure of the health system, familiarity with the features. Analysis of public health programs and financing system. Analysis of major government programs.

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  • A list of needed items to care for a newborn baby. The temperature of the child when he is submerged in the amniotic fluid and after birth. The diet of the lactating mother in the first three months. Morning and evening toilet newborn, his walking.

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  • Assessment of the level of PAPP-A plasma in the serum of smokers and non-smokers in the first trimester of pregnancy. Measurement of the concentration of biochemical indicators. Evaluation of prenatal test from serum and noninvasive first trimester test.

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  • The program of care for drug-addicted patients, their social and psychological portrait. Elements of medical care. Forms of social rehabilitation and employment assistance. Applying the principles of aftercare in the field of institutional education.

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