Mode of life and living standards of russian population in 1989-2009

Generalization of calculations aimed at studying aspects of the welfare in 1990-2009. Income levels is examined as well as costs of the Russian population, physical indicators of consumption including indicators of non-market services consumption.

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  • Analysis of the difficulties faced by immigrants and refugees in the Western world. A study of the life of the Ukrainian diaspora in Australia from 1948-1949. Assessment of the settlers' feedback on the social conditions of living in the camp and at work.

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  • Analysis of archival sources. Reforming education. Concept of formation and development of physical education in secondary schools of Ukraine in the second half of the nineteenth century. The main reasons that pre-vent the introduction of gymnastics.

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  • Изучение истории объединения Германии. Характеристика факторов присоединения ГДР к ФРГ: внешних и внутренних. Отражение событий, происходивших в ГДР начиная с лета 1989 г. и кончая декабрем 1990 г. Анализ политической и экономической ситуации в стране.

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  • Analysis of the life and work of the founder of Apple Corporation. Studying childhood and teenage years. Development Jobs and Wozniak first Computers. Confrontation Macintosh and IBM. Creation of the company NeXT and Pixar Animation. Overview of privacy.

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  • The dictatorial policies of Lenin`s government. Active opposition of to the Soviet regime as the balance in favor of the counterrevolutionaries. Active resistance to the Bolsheviks through passive neutrality to collaboration. The role of Bill Shatov.

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  • Russia in early times. Gathering of Russian lands. A war with the Republic of Novgorod. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The process of eliminating the Stalinist political system known as de-Stalinization. New parliament and a new constitution.

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  • A study of the features of complex images of radical character, that influenced the formation of the value basis for individual and social behavior. Analysis of interethnic relations under circumstancies of the developing modern European Ukraine.

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  • Childhood, life with foster families and first marriage of M. Monroe. Becoming one of Hollywood's most famous actresses, way to status of sex-symbol, filmography and the sad evening of a stormy life. Rumors about actress life and memory after her death.

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  • Mercantilism is the doctrine that economic activity, especially foreign trade, should be directed to unifying and strengthening state power. A metropolitan is the chief prelate in an ecclesiastical territory that usually coincided with a civil province.

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  • I.K. Aivazovsky –vydayuschiysya Russian painter of his time. Childhood and education. Aivazovsky paintings. The Ninth Wave – the most famous painting seascape, which Bila written in 1850. The creation of works of art from memory, away from the coast.

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