Recent advances in plant biotechnology and genetic engineering for production of secondary metabolites

Plants are a source of biologically active substances. Using modern genetic engineering techniques in pharmaceutical biotechnology. Examples of advanced systems used to obtain some valuable natural products - artemisinin, paclitaxel and scopolamine.

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  • An analysis of the benefits of mycorrhiza. Characteristics of the soil, as inoculum for recovery, and the definition of its toxicity. Overview of how the issue is whether the plant mycorrhiza. A comprehensive study of mixtures of mycorrhizal fungi.

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  • The properties in Homeostatic systems. System instability, Striving for balance, Unpredictability. Examples of homeostasis in mammals. Regulation of homeostasis. The blood plasma. The main function of platelets. The main function of erythrocytes.

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  • The ability of lectins to influence the processes of mutagenesis and antimutagenesis in different test systems. Study to examine the effect of panel of lectins on the MGMT and MARP expression levels in tumor and non-tumor mammalian cells in vitro.

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  • A natural source of hyaluronic acid, humour rabbit vitreous. Regeneration by inhibition of cell differentiation. Morphology of rat bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells and NT2 cells. Expression of Oct4 and Sox2 genes. Cell surface antigen expression.

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  • Study of consumer expectations of the properties of products for nutritional support of people with burn injuries. Forecasting the demand for these products among the target consumer segment. Analysis formation of rations for nutritional support.

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  • Reptiles - tetrapods and amniotes: a review of the species distribution, the modern classification; economic, aesthetic, symbolic and ecological value for human; functions herpetologist. The evolution of reptiles, physiological systems of their life.

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  • Evolution, scope and importance of botany. Human nutrition and fundamental life processes. Medicine and materials, environmental changes and plant breeding. Soil science and conservation. Vegetable farming as growing of vegetables for human consumption.

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  • How are nodules formed on the roots of legumes. Affects of soil micro-organisms on plant health and nutrition. Soil micro-organisms are responsible for. Organic matter. Fungi vs bacteria: their different roles in the decomposition of organic matter.

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  • The study of the taxonomic status of the producer strain of antimicrobial substances from Streptomyces sp 2435. The nucleotide sequence of the 16S rRNA gene. Carrying out morphological and biochemical analysis of fatty acid composition of cellular lipids.

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  • Determination of toxicity for plants of the unbroken residue obtained after microbial fermentation in a horizontal fermenter of mixed food waste. It has been established that the mixed substrate is toxic to plants, because the seeds did not sprout.

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