Sights of London

The history of London, especially of the monarchy as form of government. Characetristic economy and environment. History and description of the main sights: Tower Bridge, Downing Street, St.Paul's Cathedral, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey.

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  • Description and photos of the cultural and architectural attractions of London. The biggest shopping street. The central square of the city. The most famous clock - Big Ben. The oldest bridge across the Thames. History and Legends of the fortress Tower.

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  • The study of the place where the British government sits. Consideration of the structural features of the chapel of Big Ben. Study parameters Tower Bridge. Defining characteristics of Buckingham Palace. Identify tourist attraction Oxford Street.

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  • The history of Moscow, its development, the symbols. Sights of the city: the Bolshoi theatre, Alexandrovsky garden, Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the Tretyakov gallery, Vorobyovy Gory (Sparrow Hills), Moscow zoo, Cathedral of Vasily the blessed.

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  • The lifting of the height restriction and boom in the building of tall buildings in London during the 1960s. One Canada Square, Heron Tower, The Leadenhall Building, Canada Square, The Citigroup Centre, Tower, St Mary Axe and Broadgate Tower in London.

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  • Scotland is a country that is part of the United Kingdom. The capital is Edinburgh. Early history, religion, climate country. Flora and fauna, cultural traditions, Scottish literature, education. The Highland Games, sport, military, national symbols.

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  • London is the British capital and one of the biggest cities in the world. London is situated upon both banks of the River Thames. The best places of the West End. Historical places as well the famous parks. To the east the large area called the East End.

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  • Tourism in France - important aspect of the economy. Geographical location and tourist attraction. The main sights of France. The most visited tourist places. Disneyland in Paris as an entertainment area for children. Parc du Futuroscope in French.

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  • New York it’s the largest and the most famous city in America. The Statue of Liberty is one of the main sights of New York City and the symbol of freedom of all Americans. Broadway - the longest street in New York. The world-famous Central Park.

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  • The description of the country and interesting facts on Spain. Geographical data, population, languages, history, climate, flora, fauna, economy and tourism in Spain. General description of the Hotel Villa Magna. Description of restaurant Villa Magna.

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  • History of origin of the game of football and its popularity in the UK. Team members, its objectives and rules of the game. History of Football Association and the football club. First FA Cup and first league, the first international game and its results.

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