Ukrainian-Romanian relations at the background of Russia’s revisionist policy

Study of relations between Ukraine and Romania in the post-communist period. Controversial relations between Kyiv and Bucharest on historical and socio-cultural views. The emergence of a stage of bilateral rapports based on the "security first" approach.

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  • Analysis of topical issues of global economic relations in the system of the national economy. Characteristics of the economic-legal model of improving foreign-political relations. Feature of identification of innovation and integration factors.

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  • Characteristics and features of Industrial relations reform in Britain and France in the period since the early 1980s. Role of government in post-Fordist economic restructuring and the introduction of flexibility into the labor market and the workplace.

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  • Mixed pattern of the paradigm enshrined in the European initiatives. Perceptions of EU governments and public opinion towards Mediterranean issues. Economic instruments that the EU developed and adopted in its relations with the Mediterranean non-members.

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  • The system of adjectives on the designation of a person's portrait of a person in modern Ukrainian is considered. The specificity of synonymous and antonym relations of adjectives of the macrofield "Portrait characterization of a person" is analyzed.

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  • General principles of constructing international rules relations. The analysis of existing theories and philosophies. The principles of apply them to achieve that goal. Highlighting the main variables and instruments of influence on world politics.

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  • Segmentation of Words into Morphemes. Principles of Morphemic Analysis. Types of Word Segment ability. Historical Changeability of Word-Structure. Classification of Morphemes. Derivative Relations. Derivational Bases, Patterns and Affixes. Semi-Affixes.

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  • Geographic and socio-economic description of the Krasnodar Territory. Analysis of the level of industrial cooperation between Serbia and Russia. The strengths of agriculture and tourism in the region. A study of trade relations with other countries.

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  • Curses as part of cultural life of the Ukrainian people. Analyze curses as a Ukrainian cultural tradition and their roots. Classification of expletives into three groups. The main socio-cultural functions (didactic, therapeutic and regulatory) curses.

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  • The problem of the development of interpersonal relations of senior schoolchildren in a multicultural educational environment in the context of the instability of international relations. Characteristics of the main methods of mathematical statistics.

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  • Russian collectivism and communality, patriotism. Attitude to the rules and law. Human relations in Russia. Religion of this countri. The attitude to money and wealth. Social relations in Russian society. Public behavior. American National Character.

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