Going public and the dividend policy of the company

Consideration the design of capital market, stock market exchange and alternative investment market, fundamental theories of paying dividend, factors which influence dividend policy of the companies and problems faced by start-up firms seeking capital.

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  • Venture capital is invested in companies with solid prospects for dynamic growth, representing various industries and regions at different stages of development. Assess the maturity of market by exploring the success of venture capital-backed companies.

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  • Investments in venture capital companies that show significant promise of dynamic growth, regardless of the industry. The statistical material on funding and investments into Polish VC funds. Funds under the support of the National Capital Fund.

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  • А dependence between financial leverage and competition interested scholar since late 80s. The relationship between capital structure (measured as debt ratio) and market competition (measured as HHI index). Unbalanced dataset for years from 1998 to 2017.

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  • Development reasonable and significant measures of economic liquidity of the Russian stock market. Make sure the connection to the tick data that allows you to capture the effect of microstructure. Measures to ensure liquidity to Russian companies.

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  • The initial public offering. Security sales by public companies. Private placements and public issues. The first stage market value balance sheet. Venture capital investments. Average initial ipo returns. Underwriting spreads and new share price.

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  • Determination of the impact of negative factors on the development of financial and economic results of joint-stock companies with the state part. Analysis of changes in the authorized capital from the minimum wage in these business associations.

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  • The influence of the globalization of the international economy on the agrarian market. Economic, environmental and social prerequisites for global trade policy transformations and market changes in the international market of organic agro-food products.

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  • The basic concept of innovation policy of Ukraine. Developing a theoretical model of innovation as a business enterprise market economy. Proving that innovation policy is not possible without creating a financial base and support of foreign countries.

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  • The statistical tests of stock market forecastability and volatility that are immune from a statistical problems. The rejections of the model under either a constant or variable required rate of return. An overwhelming evidence against efficient markets.

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  • Familiarization with market analysis of ceramic tiles in Ukraine. Characteristics of the main consumers and customers company. Research of features the strategy of "market share protection", prices and advertising budget of the company "Cerzanit".

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