Methods of error correction in writing

Feature increase the level and quality of education and upbringing of the younger generation of the Turkmen people. Learning foreign languages is a key factor in training highly qualified specialists. Analysis of error correction principles in writing.

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  • The concept of essays as a scholarly piece of writing, giving the author's own argument. Theoretical aspects of teaching writing essays. Teaching creative writing techniques. Principles of Writing Narrative Essays. Definition of persuasive writing.

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  • Levels of teaching writing. The use of type specimens of the epistolary (letters, postcards, articles etc.) for the development of teenagers writing skills. Methods of generate writing ideas: brainstorming etc. Groups of exercises in teaching writing.

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  • The implementation of the education and training of children in preschool institutions. Selling of the conditions for the professional development of kindergartens in the field of education and upbringing of children who experience learning difficulties.

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  • Spoken language as the primary means of learning a foreign language. Active teaching methods and a specific sequence in the formation of language skills: auditory practice, speaking, reading, and writing. Methods of individual sessions with students.

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  • Study of differences in writing habits by the age and gender. Factors and causes of changing writing habits. Influence of digital tools on people’s writing. The impact of information technology on the writing. Influence of technology on the way we write.

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  • Methods of foreign teaching as a science. The content of teaching pronunciation. English grammar structure. Writing in a secondary school. The importance of listening comprehension. How to teach reading. Stages in the development of writing proficiency.

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  • The main stages of the education system in Japan, starting with preschool formation and ending with postgraduate education. The system of moral generation in the Japanese school. Features of the upbringing of children in educational institutions.

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  • Analysis of the use of English language in modern society. The definition of the main reasons of learning English. Consideration of the prospects in education and career people who constantly raise their level of knowledge of the English language.

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  • Presentation and contrastive analysis of the negative aspects of identity. Determining the role of linguistic aspects of identity in the context of learning foreign languages. The summary, discussed during a conversation about learning a foreign language.

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  • Characterization of the basic principles of effective implementation of STEM education in Ukraine, depending on the key components and stages of the educational process. A feature of practical training, technology, continuity and adaptability to study.

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