Great Britain

General information about the geographical position of Great Britain, its political system and national symbols. Features cities, industry and agriculture. Characteristics of education, literature, sports, traditions and celebrations in United Kingdom.

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  • Great Britain as the biggest island in Europe. Some features of political system of United Kingdom. London as one of the oldest and most interesting cities. The Oxford and Cambridge Universities - the most famous educational centers in the world.

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  • Major States included in the United Kingdom of Great Britain. The Thames as the deepest and the most important river. Shipbuilding like one of the chief industries of England. Characteristics of the main chambers are part of the British Parliament.

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  • The history of sports in Great Britain. The national British sports like football, golf, cricket, tennis, racing. The golf clubs in the United Kingdom and famous courses. Two popular types of horseracing in Great Britain: flat racing and jump racing.

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  • The landscape of Britain is mostly rugged hills and low mountains. The climate of Britain is usually described as cool, temperate and humid. Places of interest in Great Britain. Оften Great Britain is called the "country of cities". British traditions.

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  • General characteristic of Great Britain, its description most big cities: London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester. History of their occurrence, economy and sights. Distinctive features of Republic Kazakhstan and its capital - the cities of Astana.

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  • Britain in the reign of Elizabeth. Description and basic features of development of Great Britain in the period of XVII-XX centuries. Artistic and cultural life in Great Britain. Universities and Colleges in Great Britain. The Modern British Economy.

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  • England - is a country that is part of the United Kingdom. Geographically England includes the central and southern two-thirds of the island of Great Britain. The official currency in England the pound sterling. Prominent English figures from the field.

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  • Some of beautiful, colorful and picturesque traditions. Ways of everyday life in Great Britain. Parliament has been born of accident, expediency, economy and tradition. Colourful ceremonies, which you can see in England. Traditions of Ireland.

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  • Great Britain does not have a written constitution, so there are no constitutional provisions for education. The system of education is determined by the National Education Acts. Secondary education. Primary education. Private education. Life school.

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  • Prestigious, interesting and popular of studying in England and Great Britain. Compulsory schooling in England and education in Britain. Features of primary and secondary school. Basic rules of conduct in the educational institutions of the country.

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