Social, psychological, cultural and linguistic aspects of gender issue

Consideration of the problem of gender in the humanities (sociology, psychology, cultural studies and linguistics). Definitions of gender, its role in the study of social relations, personality psychology, culture. Language characteristics of discourse.

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  • The gender problem as a component of domestic policy. The attainment and confirmation of gender equality in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Ukrainian police, and state service and marital relations. The forms of fulfilment by women of their status.

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  • The essence of gender characteristics of deviant behavior and the question of variability of social norms in terms of time in Russia. The current situation of deviant behaviour, the attitude of society toward the minorities in different countries.

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  • The principle of democracy, liberty and equality before the law. The subjective or unequal behavior towards the individual. Gender discrimination. The gender stereotypes. The attitude of society toward women’s social role. Movements for women’s rights.

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  • Consideration of the scientific study of nature and the development of society and social behavior, social life. Analysis study features companionship. Browse object, subject and methods of sociology research. Differences micro and macro sociology.

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  • Shape popular culture as variations femne semiotic system. A gender approach that helps to establish the nature / energy that drives popular culture and explains the reason for criticism of the culture in question by Modernists. Feminization of culture.

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  • The need for the development and testing of an experimental method of gender socialization of children, which is a prospect of scientific research. Groups of qualitative indicators that reveal the content and level of gender socialization of children.

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  • Research and characterization demographic problem. Consideration of international relations, intercommunication and range of processes in economic, political, social and cultural life of the planet. Analysis of the modern state of human civilization.

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  • This article describes the topic of gender segregation of women in Australia. Furthermore, the researcher wants to show us why the progress of women in the hospitality business is not so developed and why such segregation is problematic in our time.

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  • Research on gender differences and leadership, and them extrapolate on research of symphony orchestra organizations. different personalities of men and women, attitudes and self-concepts. The tendency for men to show more leadership than women.

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  • An analysis of the marginal individual as a social phenomenon that forms the basis for global crises, the consequences of which are unpredictable. The basic mechanisms of the social transit of marginal communities into an integrated socio-cultural space.

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