Description of the history of the fast-food at various stages of its development, the identification of positive and negative aspects of fast-food. Identify the reasons why people eat fast food. The relation of people to fast food. History Hamburger.

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  • The definition of fast food, and description of the products included in it. The use of preservatives, flavors, colors, emulsifiers in these products. The negative impact of junk food on the human body. The use of modifiers in the product description.

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  • Description of food as the most important human needs. Examples of recipes from different cultures around the world. The cult of food in different historical epochs. Characteristic of Food Guide Pyramid like one of the diets based on good nutrition.

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  • Conditions and measures of food hygiene necessary to ensure the safety of food from production to consumption. Causes and conditions of foodborne diseases. Systematization of food at a preferential role in human nutrition. Assessment of dietary protein.

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  • The dietary reference intakes. Nutrients and other food substances. Food-health connection. Planning meals selecting healthful foods plus two weeks of menus. Preparing healthful meals. The bottom line on food safety. Refrigerating or freezing food.

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  • Geographic setting and environment of Ireland. The history of food customs of this country. Traditional Irish Stew, Soda Bread, Corned Beef with Cabbage. Food for religious and holiday celebrations. Mealtime customs. Politics, economics and nutrition.

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  • Assessing the impact of a range of factors such as purchasing and psychological behaviour, experience, knowledge and information on food quality and safety. Trust in participants and institutions, risk perception, willingness to pay, increased risks.

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  • Исследование индустрии общественного питания РФ, интенсивного развития российского рынка фастфуда в количественном и в качественном направлении, расширения ассортимента за счет популярных и диетических блюд, использование более качественных продуктов.

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  • Comparison, contrast between japanese cuisine and mediterranean cuisine. Factors influencing japanese and mediterranean muisines. Historical and geographic influences on food. Developing trends in food and drinks. London restaurant with ethnic profile.

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  • To identify factors influencing food consumption habits and satisfaction levels of resident students at the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. General food consumption patterns and satisfaction levels. Specifics of accommodation for boarding students.

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  • Food technologies. Degradation of aromatic compounds by the oil-oxidizing bacteria. Use of cells and surfactants of Nocardia Vaccinii in bioremediation processes. Coordination of technological subsystems of sugar mill considering the doubtful information.

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  • The main tasks of the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations and the World Health Organization. Regulation of protein deficiency in rations. Manufacturing of food products and feeds from microalgae and biologically active substances.

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  • Оценка социально-экономического значения услуг сферы общественного питания в РФ. Развитие халяльной индустрии в России, открытие пиццерий и точек "fast-food". Повышение уровня обслуживания, ассортимента и качества продукции в ресторанах, кафе и барах.

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  • Physico-chemical properties of starch and flour (high viscosity) isolated from tubers and roots of Taro, Yam and sweet potato commercially available in Australia and traditionally produced in Indonesia. Features of their application in the food industry.

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  • Seafood - any form of sea life regarded as food by humans. History of eating fish and shellfish. Omega-3 fats as the natural anti-oxidants. Fresh and dried fish - a staple food for much of the population. Ingredients for to directions the crab cakes.

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  • Methods for determination of basic nutrients and their importance for different groups and subgroups of food and drinks. Determination of the likely risks of nonrational nutrition that helps to evaluate the quality of the product in the catering trade.

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  • General characteristics and features Mexican cuisine. Description of the most common dishes used in the preparation of their food. Technology of preparation of the first, main dishes, desserts and drinks. Distinctive features of the European cuisine.

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  • The subject of research is standardization as one of the forms of regulation in the food industry of Ukraine, in particular in the production of milk and milk products, determination of safety and quality parameters of the specified food raw materials.

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  • Review of specialized foods for the hard workers of specialized enterprises. The study of the characteristics of nutrition and health of workers in this area, consideration of the main issues of development of the production of specialized foods.

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  • Features food products based on cereals, nutritional value and nutrient balance of the composition is ensured by a science-based approach for creating multi-component compositions. Evaluation of physical and organoleptic indicators of finished products.

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  • Studying the presence of genetically modified ingredients of vegetable origin in food products and agricultural raw materials represented in the domestic market of Ukraine. Genetically modified organisms and their ambiguous perception in modern society.

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  • Definition of British cuisine as a specific set of cooking traditions and practices associated with the United Kingdom. Description and history of the formation of British food as unpretentious dishes made from local ingredients with simple sauces.

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  • The role of state regulation in the system of child nutrition safety management is revealed, as one of the priority directions for the implementation of state policy in the field of food safety. Implementation and role of various preventive measures.

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  • Consideration of the specific features of traditional Spanish cuisine. Review examples of some of the most typical Spanish foods and drinks that tourists should try when visiting Spain. Description of ingredients and preparation the original Paella.

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  • Analysis and justification of modern trends in the formation of a healthy diet, which dictate the need to create new products with increased biological and physiological value. The use of traditional agricultural raw materials plays a role in this.

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  • Studying features of chocolate products which often contain flavors (coffee, alcohol, brandy, vanilla, pepper), food additives (raisins, nuts, wafers, candied) or stuffing. Familiarization with the composition of bitter chocolate, milk and white.

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