Decomposition of the continuous weber problem with french metro metric

Correct solution of the location problems as one of most important tools of the operations research. The aim of location problem involves the location of one or more new facilities in the plane, when the number of possible locations is usually infinite.

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  • Affine plane curves. A brief introduction to the p-adic numbers. Regular functions on projective curves. Plane projective cubic curves with a rational inflection point. Reduction of an elliptic curve. Cohomology of finite, infinite Galois groups.

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  • An optimal boundary control problem associated to the linear parabolic equation. The characteristic feature of this equation, skew-symmetric. A unique solution to the original optimal boundary control problem, singular character of the original matrix.

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  • One of the effective methods for solving such problems in case of piecewise-homogeneous environments is a one of hybrid integral transforms. It solves the problem of torsion of semi-bounded piecewise homogeneous elastic cylinder with various features.

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  • The study of optimal control problems for linear parabolic equations with unbounded coefficients in the main part of elliptic operator. The peculiarities of this type of equations. Setting of the optimal control problem and its preliminary analysis.

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  • Conditions for nite sequences of positive numbers to be certain parts of spectra of the Dirichlet-Dirichlet, Dirichlet-Neumann, Neumann-Dirichlet and Neumann-Neumann boundary value problems generated by the same Stieltjes string recurrence relations.

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  • Solving the Cauchy problem for the heat equation with random factors as a classical problem in mathematical physics. The main stochastic processes in the Orlicz space. Estimates of the distribution of the supremum of a solution of the heat equation.

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  • The uniqueness problem of meromorphic functions having the same pole sharing of a nite set with the aid of weighted sharing of sets we. Meromorphic functions in whole complex plane. Standard notations of the Nevanlinna theory of meromorphic functions.

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  • Evidence the well-posedness of Fourier problems for anisotropic parabolic equations with variable exponents of nonlinearity without any assumptions on the solution behavior and growth of the initial data as time variable tends to minus in nity.

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  • The order and lower order of an entire function. Using the Fourier series method to study the properties of subharmonic functions. The subharmonic function in the complex plane. The finite system of rays. The class of delta-subharmonic functions.

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  • The Cartesian product of copies. The set of all nonnegative real numbers. The algebra of polar operators (poles). Definition of a binary operation. Polarized elements, extension of the algebra of poles to the whole plane. Classes of equivalence.

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