Hand instrumentation in root canal preparation

Root canal preparation using traditional stainless-steel ISO 0.01. The balanced force movement of files. Instrumentation of curved canals using GT and ProTaper hand files. Tendency to create narrow canal shapes. The major advantage of NiTi alloy.

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  • Microbiota of the oral cavity. The healthy oral cavity. Root canal infection. Biofilm on root surfaces. Bacteria in perapical lesions. Microbiota of refractory lesions. The main microorganisms isolated from mucosa, alveolar bone and periapical lesion.

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  • General characteristics of the root anatomy. Familiarity with the features of the instrument, using a dental surgery. Analysis of features of the use of dentin-bonding techniques. Compomers role in surgical dentistry. Preliminary stages of restoration.

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  • The effect of lateral condensation using different tape red spreaders. Curved mesiobuccal roots of maxillary molars. Strain gauges applied to the root surfaces measured dentin deformation during controlled lateral condensation with fine finger.

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  • Сlinical case of horizontal root fracture in the mandibular. Example of spontaneously healed fracture roots. The healing was observed in the presence of two root canals, the vitality of the pulp was preserved and displacement of fragments were prevented.

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  • Periapical lesions - an expression of the reaction of the organism, which actively prevents the spread of bacteria from the infected root canal in the surrounding tissue. Qualitative and quantitative cell research. The composition of periapical granuloma.

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  • The rationale and techniques for treatment of the non-vital immature tooth. The treatment of choice for necrotic teeth is apexification, which is induction of apical closure to produce more favorable conditions for conventional root canal filling.

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  • The optimal post length. Importance of the post diameter. Avoiding of the root perforations. The implications of using an excessively large rotary instrument. The process of the preparing the distal canals of molars. Instruments for post preparations.

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  • Analytical characteristics of an enzyme biosensor based on new inexpensive perspective stainless steel electrodes using silicalite nanoparticles. Three methods of glucose oxidase immobilization. Enzyme adsorption on the stainless steel electrodes.

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  • Post-operative pain and posttreatment disease. The working length debate. Diagnostic endodontic conditions commonly faced by clinicians. Prevention of infection is paramount for a favorable outcome of vital cases. Necrotic pulp and retreatment cases.

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  • Research of normal eyes and eyes with corneal diseases using slit-lamp equipped with a camera. Lymphatics in the conjunctiva and the cornea. Singh canal with triple connections – corneal channel network, Schlemm canal and conjunctival lymphatics.

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