Modern Australian socialists

The Australian electoral system and its history. General description of the electoral population of Australia. Features of the relationship of the Communist Party with Laborism. Analysis of the major problems for socialists operating in the Greens.

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  • Some interesting facts on History of Australia, geographical situation, area, climate, animal world, big cities, industries and the agriculture. The population and political position. Dingo — Australian Wild Dog. The Strange World of Australian Animals.

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  • The description of the Australia and its geographical position. The population of the country and its capital. The preservation of the environment of the Australian government. Sports in Australia and its participating in all of the Olympic games.

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  • The general description of the cultural devastation caused by the structuralists and postmodernists. Analysis of the book "The Killing of History" by Australian Keith Windschuttle. The essence and features common type of postmodern cultural comment.

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  • Authentication of distinctive features of the Australian accent. How the accent is perceived by artificial bilinguals of Russian origin? A little bit about the history of Australian English. The accent is perceived positively among artificial bilinguals.

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  • Labour Party leaders – most of them out of parliament. British communists had scant knowledge of communist oppositional groups. Politically discredited, few in number, inhibited by a reformist philosophy and by obsequiousness to parliamentary procedures.

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  • Australia, is a country in the Southern Hemisphere comprising the mainland of the Australian continent and islands. Newcomers to Canada – if they know nothing else about it – know that it is capacious. New Zealand stretches consists of two large islands.

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  • English as official language in England, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Features of modern English. Basic stages of becoming of English. Description of functional classification of writing of the systems. Consideration of English orthography.

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  • A study of Australian coal mine found at Teralba in the 1980s shows that some of the unifying traditions amongst miners were in a state of change over the decade and this change led to the marginalisation of a community established in this time.

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  • English is the national language of England proper, the USA, Australia and some provinces of Canada. Features American English, local dialects in the USA, Canadian, Australian and Indian variants. The main lexical differences between the variants.

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  • General definition of the phenomenon of synonymy in Modern English. Kinds of synonyms, their specific features. Distributional features of the English synonyms. Changeability and substitution of meanings. Semantic and functional relationship in synonyms.

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