On gross domestic product in the Baltic states as a factor of investment attractiveness of the region

Methods of investment attractiveness assessment, investigate the impact of the number of enterprises in the Baltic States on their gross domestic product. Development of productive forces in the region. Amount of capital investment in the Baltic states.

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  • A description of the current state of the investment attractiveness of the Lviv region. Education and waste management, especially environmental threats areas. Study of the processes of development of ecologically oriented regional economy, improve them.

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  • Evaluation of investment attractiveness, which is the link between the analysis stage and the stage of decision-making about investment. Matrix modeling that involves the formation of a certain integral. Analysis of the potential return on investment.

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  • The presence of powerful hidden opportunities for market diversification and cooperation - one of the features of the investment potential of the Kharkiv region. Analysis of capital investments by type of industrial activity of this ukrainian region.

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  • The role of the investment climate and large-scale support of investment activities by the state in economic development. Characteristics of the investment climate in Russia after the sanctions. Assessment of the attractiveness of Russia for investors.

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  • Evaluation of investment attractiveness of enterprise on the basis of determining the degree of unsystematic risk in the composition of the capitalization rate. Calculation of risk premiums, which can serve as a criterion for making investment decisions.

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  • The definition of "intellectual potential of the region", the analysis of its structure in Ukraine on the basis of statistical results. The definition relationship between the volume of gross regional product per capita and indicator of potential.

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  • Grouping of countries according to the compliance rate of gross domestic product and the total factor productivity to determine the type of development. Improving the institutional business environment in order to enhance the economic performance.

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  • Analysis of the features of capital inflows to european countries. Method for determining the overall shape of a fixed-effect model. Characteristics of the main causes of a significant increase in gross domestic product in Central and Eastern Europe.

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  • Generalized of the main trends of investment support for innovative activities in Ukraine. Identified of the major problems of implementing an innovative model of economic development. Analyzed of dynamics of the investment attractiveness index.

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  • The investment as cash for reproduction of fixed capital. The investment funds inserted into the current capital stock to inputs and semi-finished products. The development of material and technical base of education and other sectors so tertiary sector.

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