Genitive case

Functions of genitive case. Consideration of active classes of noun. Description of genitive case. Specification of genitive case: domain, subjective genitive case, genitive case of origin, objective case. Features of classification of genitive case.

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  • Characteristics of the main binary oppositions related to universal archetypal oppositions. Features, the essence of shared and individually-author's peculiarities of the implementation of universal binary oppositions in Desna substantive bnamh.

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  • The role of endings in combination with prepositions in modern English. The noun in common case with different prepositions. The combining preposition of the English verb and corresponding equivalent one verb in the Russian language, its meaning.

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  • Comparisons of Adjectives, Present Continuous versus Present Simple. Prepositions of Place-Movement-Time. Sentence linkers, And in sentences with a series of same-subject verbs. Reason and purpose: because, since, so. Condition: if, in case, if not.

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  • Formation auditive receptive skills in the use of phonetic and lexical and grammatical material. The feature preparatory exercises. Case studies from the listening audiotexts. The essence of the perception of voice messages in a variety of conditions.

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  • The use of strategy to perform the basic functions of political discourse - incentives and manipulations, their pragmatic potential. Strategy and tactics used in D. Trump's speeches: self-return, criticism of the enemy's activity, strategy of agitation.

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  • The grammatical structure and the morphological types of a language. The function of morphemes. Notional and functional parts of speech. The number and case in modern English nouns. The degrees of comparison of adjectives. Regular and irregular verbs.

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  • Analysis of applied application of case technologies with powerful lingvodidactic potential to study the peculiarities of students' translation of proverbs. The main strategy of teaching the peculiarities of foreign language reproduction of proverbs.

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  • The European Union - archetypal case of regional integration and foundation for the implementation of Economic and Monetary Union. Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand - founding members of ASEAN. The Euro-Mediterranean Process.

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  • Determination of the daily cadence of the systolic blood pressure of the patient. The development of the violation of the daily rhythm of chronotherapy in hypertensive disease by the type of "non-dipper". Purpose of taking antihypertensive drugs.

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  • Концепти комунікативної поведінки лікаря й пацієнта з погляду їх вербалізації в англомовному медичному дискурсі. Вивчення зразків англомовного медичного дискурсу, отримані методом суцільної вибірки, зокрема жанри "case report" і "patient’s pathography".

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