M@A market operations as a tool of domestic enterprises' business model transformation

The main trends of the world market of M&A transactions and determines specific features of mergers and acquisitions market in Ukraine at the present stage. The transformation mechanisms to update business models. The domestic market of mergers.

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  • The study of the problem of youth employment in the labor market of Ukraine. Substantiation of factors of influence on effective employment of youth, development of a factorial model of an estimation of employment on the basis of their classification.

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  • Use of taxonomic classification when assessing the Polish market of agricultural property described using factors of development. Bold investment areas and areas with significant deviations from the model that need more attention from local governments.

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  • The article addresses the problems of external labor migration which resulted in the loss of our most active, highly educated and highly skilled specialists. Current trends in the labor market of Ukraine in the context of individual economic indicators.

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  • The statistical tests of stock market forecastability and volatility that are immune from a statistical problems. The rejections of the model under either a constant or variable required rate of return. An overwhelming evidence against efficient markets.

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  • The influence of the globalization of the international economy on the agrarian market. Economic, environmental and social prerequisites for global trade policy transformations and market changes in the international market of organic agro-food products.

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  • Draft a business plan for the Fitness Gym. Services, major participants, market trends. The influence of external and internal factors: political, social, economic. Sources of financing, pricing and distribution. Analysis of consequences and risk factors.

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  • Study of the directions of minimizing the consequences of inconsistency of supply and demand in the innovative labor market, initiated by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Theoretical substantiation of the professional qualities of innovative workers.

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  • The connection between the dynamic development of non-standard forms of employment in the European countries and the consequences of the transformation of the international labor market. Negative consequences of unregulated non-standard employment.

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  • Essence of prices, its functions. Determining variable costs and economic sense. Break-Even point. A brief description of the industry in which the company operates: identification of the industry and market type, business competitors and their shares.

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  • General characteristics of the english labor market model, basic functions. The foregoing features of wage rules in a nonstationary environment. Analysis of the actual wage, which is in the middle of bargaining set for the median productivity state.

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