Pragmatic aspects of mass-media

Research and analysis results of the attempts at disclosure features the use of euphemisms to create pragmatic potential in the english-speaking media. Consideration and characteristic features of language ellipse, which formed by several syntax.

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  • Study of the processes of euphemization in English on the themes of disease and death based on discourse materials in the mass media. Analysis of various lexical units of the substitute nature, the reasons for the active euphemization of the language.

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  • The study of neologisms in modern English-speaking youth press of the late XX - early XXI century within the pragmalinguistic research paradigm. The study of neologisms, determine the communicative pragmatic basis for the study of journalistic discourse.

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  • The media is an area where it is important not to confuse the object with the language. Commentary is one of the most distinctive of all uses of English. The Use of Language in Newspapers. The function of brief news items. Journalese: form and content.

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  • Some features of the style of official documents. The legal genre. Selected problems of description in the relevance-theoretic framework. Bases of the English legal language. Translation in international settings and the training of lawyer linguists.

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  • Pragmatic peculiarities of the English advertising, the purpose of which is to sell products. New ideas and methods, broadly using the innovative approaches of information providing. Lexical and terminological features of English advertising language.

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  • Identifying the premises for the use of indirect speech acts in different versions of the English language. The import of culture in the communication process, including the idea of cultural and social communication tools in the context of discussion.

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  • English as official language in England, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Features of modern English. Basic stages of becoming of English. Description of functional classification of writing of the systems. Consideration of English orthography.

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  • Important role of the mass media in our life. British people - the greatest newspaper readers in the world. Advertising as a kind of link between the public and the media. Two main companies on the British Isles, which broadcasting over the country.

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  • Etymology, usage and types of euphemisms. Specific features of English political euphemis. The role of euphemisms in today’s English political discourse. Evolution of English euphemisms. Euphemisms in English political texts of the XXI century.

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  • Study of stylistic problems of translation of English-language political texts. Features of the transfer of stylistic means within the framework of political discourse. Relevant options for the transfer of metaphors, euphemisms in the Ukrainian language.

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