Qualitative research in psychology: expanding perspectives in methodology and design

Ways of looking at the World: Epistemological Issues in Qualitative Research. Consideration of research methodology in the works of psychologists of American Psychological Association Paul M. Camic, Jean E. Rhodes, Lucy Yardley, Elliot Eisner and others.

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  • Sense didactics - the sphere of personal senses starting psychological mechanisms of underlying formation and realization of individual talent. The main factors influencing the nature of cognitive and behavioral activity of students in high school.

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  • Analysis of the relationship of the emotional burnout syndrome (EBS) with the mechanisms of psychological protection and individual psychological peculiarities. Search for effective forms, methods and means of prevention of EBS of future psychologists.

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  • Research of types of mentality of the Soviet, transitive and Post-Soviet generations. Typology sights of mentality and methodical approaches to it. The results of the research of the valuable bases, social directions, representations about personality.

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  • The study of the general theory of psychological systems in the framework of the formation of the post-non-classical paradigm in psychology as an attempt to develop synergy in the subject area of psychology. The main problems of human interaction.

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  • Values as a subject of research in the humanities and social sciences, psychology and pedagogy. The relationship between personal traits and values among Polish students, women and men. Analysis of the relationship between personal traits and values.

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  • To study the literature sources about age psychology of teens. To make the survey of the students of the 9th-11th classes. To analyze the information and the results of the survey and make a conclusion. To analyze the possible ways of solving the problem.

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  • Design and application of psychological theories and empirical data towards understanding, predicting and countering behaviors either in friendly or enemy forces or civilian population. History and intelligence testing in the United States military.

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  • Child autism - a quite widespread psychic phenomena, that can be seen as often like blindness or deafness. Qualitative aggravations in verbal and nonverbal communication and imagination spheres like one of the main psychological symptom of autism.

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  • Biography of life and activity is Wilhelm Maximilian Wundt — the german doctor, physiologist of ai psychologist, known as a founder of experimental psychologists. The theoretical framework of experimental psychology. Wundt's "individual psychology".

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  • The problem of the optimization of work on solving professional self-determination issues of psychologists. Using of coaching collection of the metaphorical associate cards for helping psychologists in the process of solving their professional issues.

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