The old age phenomenon: some aspects of relevance of philosophical reflection

Views on the processes of aging as the content of gerontology. The history of the philosophical understanding of aging, associated with periods of development of philosophical science. The importance of an integrated approach to the problem of old age.

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  • Philosophical understanding of the problem of human choice, consideration of the impact of human actions and thoughts on his whole life. The future of the reader's belief is that everyone should think about the correct alignment of priorities in life.

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  • The philosophical concept of the relationship of geovalues, geoculture and geopolitics in the context of the globalization of the world. Historical approach to the formation and development of geo-values and geo-culture, their influence on geopolitics.

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  • Analysis of the process of modernizing the model of philosophical education. A study of the turn towards applied philosophy as an educational and professional training program for a philosopher. Understanding the social process of knowledge production.

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  • Freedom as a guiding theme for Michel Foucault throughout his philosophical career. The Capabilities Approach in political theory and development studies. Limit Experience and Human Fragility. The defining features of Foucault’s genealogical politic.

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  • Overview of the concepts of social justice. Nature, essence, content of social justice, a specific historical and cultural manifestation. Correlation of socio-philosophical doctrines. Interrelation of social reality with the development of society.

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  • The existing philosophical approaches to manifestation of the secularization and to determine the origin of post-secular age concept. Analysys of the achievements of Charles Taylor and his contribution in the modern philosophical and religious studies.

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  • Analysis of the philosophical and psychological contexts of social expectations of the individual. General scientific provisions, properties, patterns of formation, development and functioning of social expectations as a process. Mapping social reality.

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  • Philosophy as a reflection of the objects, which exact knowledge is still hidden from us. Process of development of the questions about knowledge and how they constantly move from the field of philosophy to the area of science. Philosophical education.

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  • A philosophical-anthropological analysis of hesychasm reveals its essence and meaning. There are determined basic criteria of hesychasm: quietude; the practice of inner prayer, catharsis of mind and heart; bodily techniques, aiming at union with God.

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  • The manifestation of gender-philosophical ideas interaction: feminism in the framework of objectivism. The development of the gender discourse, in particular the discourse of feminism as researched from the retrospective angle. Discourse of feminism.

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