The old age phenomenon: some aspects of relevance of philosophical reflection

Views on the processes of aging as the content of gerontology. The history of the philosophical understanding of aging, associated with periods of development of philosophical science. The importance of an integrated approach to the problem of old age.

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  • The individual self and freedom. Identity of nature. Bergson's point of view so eloquently set forth is not a system but a philosophical vision. Mechanism regards "the future and the past as calculable function of the present", and claims that is given.

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  • Basic concepts and definitions of philosophy, their meanings and significance. Philosophical interpretation of the data definitions. Directions and especially their use by students in their learning. Appendix of special symbols and logical notation.

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  • Philosophical justification of human rights. Jacques Maritain - the founder of the French philosophical movement known as personalism. Consideration of the concepts of integral humanism. The intellectual heritage of V. Soloviev and Russian neo-idealism.

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  • Variability - an insufficient condition for determining the unreliability of any disputant's intuition in relation to the philosophical theory being tested. Specific features of using one’s own intuitions in cases of unconfirmed epistemic peerhood.

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  • Discusses the problems of hermeticism. Study of the European philosophical tradition which is closely connected with mysticism, which is interpreted as cognitive activity, aimed at establishing an essential connection with the spiritual levels of being.

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  • The analysis of trust from a philosophical point of view, taking into account the negative side of experience like a process that allows us to understand its fundamental function. Characteristics of the reasons and spaces that prompt acts of trust.

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  • Аnalyze the current transgressive state of postcolonial practices in view of the concept of European identity and its functions in the implementation of international politics. Ideas of European values, historical, cultural, philosophical and ideological.

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  • The essence of the metaphysical foundations of sports. The concept of sport as the optimum existence. Metaphysics of its development in the history of philosophical thought. The conditions under which the processes of socialization in sport take place.

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  • Сharacterization of the film "Matrix" from a philosophical and Christian point of view. Exploring the specifics of the matrix as the horror of a false world created only from our sensations. Viewing the film as a dream driven by malevolent forces.

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  • Study of the basic postulates of the theory of cosmic inflation and deanthropomorphism. Search for ways to solve long-standing philosophical and logical riddles associated with the anthropic principle. Using Occam's Razor to Explore the Multiverse.

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