Articles editing as means of developing editors’ professional competence while teaching English for academic writing

The problems of teaching academic writing in a foreign language, its place in the professional training. The methodology of teaching language for developing editors’ professional competence as a part of academic writing and preparing for writing articles.

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  • Proposal of the final goal of the curriculum of academic writing in English. Determination of teaching skills in micro and macro languages. A proposal for a design methodology that will allow the teacher to assess the success of graduates in the program.

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  • Analyze of peculiarities in teaching writing to beginner students. Using controlled-to-free approach is sequential to audio-lingual method in teaching writing. Steps in writing that will help beginning level students gain confidence in writing skills.

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  • The teaching a written language in linguistic higher schools taking into account the reconsideration of meaning and specificity of education in the XXI century is considered. The choice of process approach towards teaching written genres is substantiated.

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  • Positions in methodology of teaching vocabulary and writing. Principles of vocabulary development. The influence of age on vocabulary acquisition of English as a foreign language. The development of passive and active vocabulary in a second language.

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  • Роль системы языковой подготовки для сотрудников, реализуемой на базе Томского политехнического университета, в процессе развития профессиональной иноязычной коммуникативной компетенции. Предмет изучения дисциплины "Professional and Academic Writing".

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  • Analyzing the actual problem of English teaching in the non-linguistic Higher Education Institution. The role of specialist’s training, who speaks professional foreign language. The suggesting modern approaches to professional-oriented English teaching.

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  • The possibility of implementing aт approach to instructing university level students (under- and post graduates) to write research projects in English. Analysis pattern phrases typical of English academic writing to perform different discourse functions.

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  • The main conditions and regularities of the use of test tasks in teaching English writing. Research and evaluation of theoretical foundations, directions and prospects of practical solution of the problem of teaching English written communication.

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  • The problem of selection criteria for academic texts for teaching future philologists to reading in English with regard to the features of academic discourse was studied. Features of academic texts in general and articles in particular are analyzed.

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  • Problem methods of English language teaching that encourage personal activity of students, stimulating of thinking, formation of the positive attitude to knowledge, the communicative skills necessary for the everyday life and professional communication.

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