Sculpture in Britain

Description of changes in British sculpture from the XIX century. Examples of of outstanding works by famous authors in different years. Analysis of the compositions of the memorial Gilbert. America as the centre for the production and criticism of art.

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  • In the United States Americans honor their mothers and grandmothers, on the second Sunday in May. Memorial Day called Decoration Day, is a day to remember those who have died in our nation's service. Holydays in Great Britain. Holidays in Ukraine.

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  • Some facts from the history of The USA. The largest cities. The highest peak - Mount McKinley. The longest river - Mississippi. The Grand canyon. Crater Lake. Famous attractions of the United States of America. Lincoln Memorial. Washington Monument.

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  • The cultural life in the country and main stages of its development. Linguistic traditions in Great Britain. Specific features of English literature. The famous theaters, museums and galleries. The well-known British novelists, composers and music bands.

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  • The base of the ancient city Sarayshyk in the X century, becoming a major trading centre in the thirteenth century. The decline of the city after the collapse of the Golden Horde, its destruction by the troops of Timur and subsequent restructuring.

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  • The famous places of World Heritage Cities in Britain: Canterbury Cathedral of the Anglican community, Oxford modern university center, Stratford-upon-Avon literary and cultural center, Durham Castle and museums, Stonehenge monument, Loch Ness area.

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  • Brief review, general description and comparison of major holidays and national traditions of Great Britain and Russia, features in organization of holidays. Intercommunication of holidays with religion. Appearance of new consuetudes and traditions.

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  • British Traditional Ceremonies, Holidays and their Classification. The traditions of Britain's Government. British national holidays. British traditional festivals. British National Character and British People’s Way of Life. National character.

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  • The development of the Ukrainian music and drama theater in the context of the national creative process of the XIX-XX century. Analysis of the activities of outstanding Ukrainian theater figures, their influence on the formation of national identity.

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  • The history of the country with a rich tradition. Description of public holidays of great Britain and Northern Ireland: Catholic Christmas, New Year, Boxing Day, St. Valentine's, Patrick's, David's, George's and Andrew's days, Easter and Halloween.

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  • Peter Seamus O'Toole - British actor of the Irish origin. Had most nominations on "Oscar" for actor's work, but without single victory. His struggle with alcoholism and stomach disease. Return to the big movie. Filmography of this outstanding actor.

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