Enamines: synthesis, structure, and reactions

The structural, theoretical and synthetic properties of enamines which act as important intermediates in many syntheses of organic compounds containing oxygen. Cycloaddition reactions, electrochemistry, hydrolysis and biochemistry of metalated enamines.

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  • Isomeric aminobenzoic acid – an important chemical product of organic synthesis used in the production of synthetic dyes, medicinal and aromatic substances, wines, pesticides. Investigation the reaction of the oxidization of 2- and 3-aminotoluenes.

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  • Carbon as the element essential to all of life, and hence the basis for a vast field of study. Electronegativity value of fluorine. Plastic polystyrene - important product of the hydrocarbon family. Chemical properties of carboxylic acids and esters.

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  • Chemical properties of organic compounds derived from ammonia. The mechanism of substitution of hydrogen for hydrocarbon radicals within molecules. Classification of the most common amines. Familiarization with the formula for the secondary amine.

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  • Obtaining JBW zeolite from hydrogels under hydrothermal conditions by alkaline reaction using NaOH as an activating agent. Orthorhombic space group Pmc21 with unit cell parameters, X-ray powder diffraction. Comprehensive study of the synthetic zeotype.

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  • Coordination behavior of Ag (I) with cations of N-allyl quinolinium. Synthesis of N-allyl quinolinium bromide. Determination of the structure of the x-ray crystal. Bromine ions of the second crystallographic type. Study silver nitrate compounds.

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  • Synthesis of two rare-earth nickel silicide PrNi9Si4 and NdNi9Si4. Their crystal structures, refined from X-ray powder diffraction data, structure type. The two compounds as Curie-Weiss paramagnets due to magnetic moments carried on the rare-earth atoms.

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  • Mechanistic aspects of the Diels-Alder reaction. The effect of micelles on it. The effects of Lewis acids on the endo-exo selectivity in water compared to the effects in organic solvents. Enantioselective cid catalysis of an organic reaction in water.

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  • The crystal structures of the Dy2M17 (M = Fe, Co, Ni) compounds were investigated from single crystal X-ray diffraction data (Th2Ni17 type structure, space group). The Dy2M17 binaries (M = Co, Ni) dissolve limited amounts of carbon, up to 0.2 (M = Co).

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  • Consideration of oxygen as a basic element of atmosphere of Earth, his constituents, oxides, behavior of oxygen as a result of combustion, use of oxygen in a fuel, way of his receipt, production and uses of oxygen in different industries of industry.

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  • By Reaction with Alkyl Halides. Nucleophilic Addition. Oxidation of Ring Carbon Atoms Followed by Addition. Reduction of Exocyclic Double Bonds. Ring Cleavage Reactions. Coupling of Pyrazol-3-ones with Aryl Diazonium Salts. Oxidative Coupling, silylation.

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