Information society as an environment for creating new knowledge

To develop the methods of creating new knowledge to increase the quantity of innovative goods and services. The use of patent information in terms of the modern information society. Ensuring the competitiveness of technical patents on world markets.

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  • Roles of information in the economic system in modern world. The main provisions of the theory of rational information gathering. Theory and practice of functioning of the information market. General equilibrium with markets for future and uncertainty.

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  • Analysis of the development of the information society. The formation of a new paradigm of the national economy. Structural changes in the model of the national economy of Ukraine under the influence of the active development of information society.

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  • Issues and policy considerations of teleworking - the work from a distance from the main office with the support of information and communication technologies. The future of work in the information society. Different types of contractual relationships.

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  • Analysis of approaches to definition and interpretation of the notion "financial results". The need of formation of information data environment. Model of information security management system data on financial results with a phased implementation.

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  • The problem of competitiveness - one of the most important questions in modern conditions of development of society, both national and international levels. Assessment of the organization's activities from providing both the consume, businessman.

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  • Development of corporate structures in Ukraine. Formation of adaptive global economic structures in the world. Introduction of the integrated corporate structures. The approach to the creation of a favorable investment environment and information.

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  • The prerequisites for the formation of the knowledge economy in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Features state strategy to transform the economy, taking into account requirements of innovative development. Stages of the strategy of building the economy.

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  • Requirements for management information. International organizations like an extremely important source of data at the aspect of international business activity. Open sources analysis - a powerful and widely available method of obtaining information.

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  • The welfare effects of enhanced dissemination of public information through the media and disclosures by market participants with high public visibility. The importance of the timely publication of economic statistics, government and the central bank.

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  • The study of Internet technologies to analyze financial and monetary markets, evaluation of investment projects. Assessment of level of innovative potential and profit, engagement of the economy, the development of an algorithm for investment management.

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