Information and communications technology

Review digital communication and traditional computer-based technologies. The European Telecommunications Standards Institute. Computer and network hardware and software. Features of use of information and communication technologies in modern society.

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  • Theory and practice for integrating strong security features into modern communications and computer applications. Efficient hardware implementations and speed software for embedded systems, smart cards, microprocessors, hardware and software security.

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  • Universal device for the processing, transmission, exchange and storage of information. Role of computer in modern life. The spread of the Internet and its using in common life. Embodiment of achievements of modern information technologies in real life.

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  • Characteristics and features of the information society. Advantages and disadvantages of virtual life in the digital world. Development of computer technologies and network security tools. Discussion of problems and tasks in the field of cybersecurity.

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  • Components, priority areas for capital investment in the information and communication technologies market were determined. The relativity of relationship between the placement of supercomputers in the countries and their level of innovation was revealed.

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  • Steganographic communication with quantum information. Software integrity checking expressions for robust tamper detection. Exposing digital forgeries through specular highlights on the eye. Imaging sensor noise as digital X-ray for revealing forgeries.

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  • Description of technology of off-wire computer networks with the productivity 100 Mb/s in the point of output and maintenance of information. Description of parameters of middle access and determination of multiple entrance. Physical layer, radio, WLAN.

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  • The basic approaches to developing application software and computer system components. The generations of object-oriented programming languages. Types of computer systems and secondary storage, storage area network and output devices of information.

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  • In this book - notions from three different areas: how digital information has to be designed, how artifacts or systems containing digital content should maximize usability, how context can influence the nature and efficiency of digital communication.

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  • Learning English for working with the computer and other information technology. Working with computer programs, discussion of problems and project planning. Use for intermediate level students and above. Using software: useful verbs, the control panel.

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  • The study of the sequence of stages of reconstruction of graphical images on a computer using decoding dual vectors of the tuple. Decoding code values in software components. Ways of coding information. Methods of the decrypting computer codes cost.

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