Dietary fibers and avenins in grain of the newly bred naked oat cultivars

Positive correlation and ratio between β-glucans and arabinoxylans of oats. Food engineering products are functional and specialized. A comprehensive study of non-starch polysaccharides of holer oats and toxicity of varieties in reaction with sera.

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  • Classification of grain crops grown in Ukraine. Rules of the commodity analysis of party grain. Determination of moisture, maturity and impurity content. Technology of photo separation by classes. Reduction of the time of grain intake at the granary.

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  • Hordeyiniv studies of the varieties of spring barley. Create a directory to determine varietal purity parties grain varieties identification of genotypes. Research electrophoretic spectra hordeyiniv as an additional form of qualifying examination.

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  • Characteristic of hydrothermal coefficient of the growing season potatoes. Analysis of symptoms banded mosaic and leaf curl virus on potato. Study of resistance to banded mosaic and basic household characteristics of the resistant potato varieties.

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  • The first varieties of typical winter durum wheat Michurinka and Novomichurinka were created by interspecies hybridization varieties of bread winter and durum spring wheat. Systematic improving of durum winter wheat has. Introgression of dwarf-genes.

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  • Compliance with the quality requirements of grain crops in Ukraine for to become a leader from an export at the grain market. Execution the development of the system for express analysis of grain crops. Estimation the effectiveness of the work of system.

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  • The analysis of available variety assortment and grain yields of different varieties of spring small cereals: barley, oat, wheat and triticale in the environmental crop variety testing, depending on the changing hydrothermal conditions are presented.

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  • Сereal crops in Ukraine and Italy was scrutinized. The market in both countries was analyzed, made it possible to ensure that Ukraine, unlike Italy, is an exporter of these products. Regulatory of the volume limit of Ukrainian wheat export were evaluated.

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  • The breeding by combinatorial breeding of new high-yield table grapes. Resistance of cuttings to fungal diseases. Comparison of morphological features of descriptor leaves of three varieties of grapes growing on testing sites, analysis of biometric data.

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  • Recently, a new wine grapes produced by generative breeding are being introduced into commercial cultivation. The use of selected varieties of grapes grown in Ukraine for the genetic connection and analysis of the consistency of their breeding scheme.

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  • Review of the work of foreign researchers on the topic of modeling post-harvest grain processing, which will serve as the starting material for creating an improved post-harvest model. Determination of the quality of processing and purification of grain.

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