Methods of applied mathematics

Normed linear spaces and Banach spaces. Basic properties of inner-products. Best approximation and orthogonal projections. Compact operators on a Banach space. Boundary value problems. Dierential calculus in Banach spaces and the calculus of variations.

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  • Examination of unlimited closed convex subsets of Banach space X, having the same recessive cone, and metric spaces, which they form with the Hausdorff metric. Receiving an analog of the theorem of approximation of convex compacts by normal polyhedrons.

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  • Normed linear spaces. Contraction mapping theorem. Applications to differential and integral equations. Linear transformations. Product spaces and Fubini's theorem. Projection and self-adjoint operators. Gram-Schmidt orthonormalization. Fourier analysis.

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  • Thin and sparse metric spaces as asymptotic counterparts of discrete and very close to discrete metric spaces respectively. Classify thin metric spaces up to coarse equivalence. The types of sparse spaces and construct the spaces of distinct types.

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  • Tiling of the limit space under the action of a (self-similar) subgroup. Self-similar groups and their limit spaces. Subgroup tilings of limit spaces. Tilings of limit spaces of abelian and nilpotent groups. Functional analysis to nilpotent Lie groups.

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  • Description of combinatorial DG-Hopf color cooperadic models for configuration spaces of points in the first quarter and in the N-gon. The proof version of the formality theorem of Kontsevich to the two subspaces in the vector space and for the morphism.

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  • Solving Linear Systems with the Inverse. Transposes and Symmetric Matrices. General Linear Systems. The Fundamental Matrix Subspaces. Minimization of Quadratic Functions. Computations in Orthogonal Bases. Orthogonal Polynomials and Least Squares.

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  • The definition of real and complex vector spaces. The calculation of the reference type. Rules of addition and multiplication of scalars. The concept of subset. The direct sum of two subspaces. The calculation of the projection of the vector on the area.

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  • A generalization of the classical theorem of T. Kato on similarity for sequences of projections in Hilbert spaces to the case of unconditional Schauder decompositions. Refinement of the theorem of V.N. Vizitei on the stability of Schauder decompositions.

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  • The emergence of noncommutative geometry, its relationship with the corresponding selected algebra function. The establishment of the anti-equivalence between the category of spaces and the corresponding category of algebras of functions on such spaces.

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  • Sums, floors and recurrences. Finite and infinite calculus. Hypergeometric functions and transformations. Special, exponential generating functions. Euler’s summation formula. Domino theory and change. Partial hypergeometric sums. Stirling numbers.

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