US library and information schools: training and accreditation issues

Degrees and programs offered by various library schools in the United States, their modes. Analysis of the possibility of distance learning in the best accredited programs and courses offered in different versions. The role of ALA in library education.

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  • Laurentian Library as a historical library in Florence, it's architectoral description, the famous staircase and Reading room (designed by Michelangelo). The most important manuscripts which conserves in Laurentian Library and it's modern equipment.

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  • Amazing libraries the world, historical and modern. National Library of Belarus in Minsk, ontains the largest library of publications and the third largest collection of Russian books outside its territory. Greatness of Stockholm Public Library.

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  • Gogol museum in Moscow. Hall "incarnation" keeps a lot of information about Gogol and his creative work. In scientific library and a music lounge is a held literary readings, musical evenings and lectures. Exhibition "Pages of history of the house".

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  • Influence of trends of international cooperation in the field of digital libraries in developing countries. The opportunities of international cooperation for the improvement of libraries, using the integration of network and Internet technologies.

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  • Analysis of the ways of art education in Ukraine and abroad. The three major skills in learning. List of top fine art universities and colleges in the USA. Characteristics of institutions that provide an culture education to skillful people today.

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  • Halloween - a holiday, which is celebrated annually in late October. Consideration common symbols of Halloween: pumpkins, bats and spiders. The culture of celebrating festivals in the United States. Disguises in the children in costumes in the Halloween.

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  • The Star-Spangled Banner - the national anthem of the United States of America. Text taken from the poem "Defence of Fort McHenry". Thanksgiving was originally a holiday express gratitude and appreciation to God, exactly as the family and friends.

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  • Some facts from the history of The USA. The largest cities. The highest peak - Mount McKinley. The longest river - Mississippi. The Grand canyon. Crater Lake. Famous attractions of the United States of America. Lincoln Memorial. Washington Monument.

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  • Familiarity with the admission to the history of american music, analysis of the basic steps. Jazz as an American art form, which originated around the beginning of the ХХ century. Peculiarities of the formation of cinematography in the United States.

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  • Christmas Day in United Kingdom, in United States, in Canada, in Australia, in New Zealand. How do the British celebrate Christmas. Program of Christmas carols in Trafalgar Square. Background and symbols. The Christmas Stocking and Santa Claus.

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