A history, the main mathematical results and applications for the mathematics of harmony

Applications of the mathematics of harmony as a new interdisciplinary direction of modern science. Algorithmic measurement theory, number systems with irrational bases and their applications in computer science, the hyperbolic Fibonacci functions.

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  • The calculation of fuzzy controllers, subject to the definition of control actions on the controller output for given membership functions. Algorithm Mumdanee for an indistinct conclusion. The linguistic rule of management of an indistinct regulator.

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  • The theory of the scalar field, directed derivative. The calculation of the line integral. The divergence of vector fields, their properties. Complex numbers and operations with them. The concept of differentiability and analytic function of the complex.

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  • Using a generalized Dunkl translation, we obtain an analog of theorem 5.2 in Younis’ paper for the Dunkl transform for functions satisfying the (d, g)-Dunkl Lipschitz condition in the space L2(R,|x|2a+1dx). Consideration generalized Dunkl translation.

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  • The natural connection between interassociates and variants of a semigroup. Variants of regular semigroups. Connection interassociates with commutative dimonoids. Study interassociates of the free semigroup with two generators using computer modeling.

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  • Model of motion, which takes into account the asymmetry of hulls, infiltration processes and surface waves in the form of a system of nonlinear differential equations. Estimation of the error as a function of the magnitude of the initial velocities.

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  • The Graphical Modeling and Bayesian Networks. Some Properties of Incomplete Repair and Maintenance Models. The Theoretical Advances in Modeling, Inference and Computation. Network Reliability Evaluation with Propositional Directed Acyclic Graphs.

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  • Dynamic Modeling with Difference Equations. Linear Models of Structured Populations. Nonlinear Models of Interactions. Modeling Molecular Evolution. Constructing Phylogenetic Trees. Infectious Disease Modeling. Curve Fitting and Biological Modeling.

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  • Correct solution of the location problems as one of most important tools of the operations research. The aim of location problem involves the location of one or more new facilities in the plane, when the number of possible locations is usually infinite.

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  • Methods of rapid information. Reduce time of realization of cryptographic RSA transformations. Application of the principle of ring shift in the module number system. Increasing the speed of realization of cryptographic transformations with the open key.

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  • The emergence of noncommutative geometry, its relationship with the corresponding selected algebra function. The establishment of the anti-equivalence between the category of spaces and the corresponding category of algebras of functions on such spaces.

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