Methods in construction

Architecture is the appearance of buildings and structures. Structural elements of buildings, the history of their origin, their importance in construction. Methods in construction: load-bearing wall, аrch, vault, dome, truss, framed structures.

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  • Different ways of building walls of buildings. Use the light hollow wall element, sectional view. Construction of multystoried buildings with monolithic ferroconcrete overlappings. Research of parts of walls, which requires relatively low labor input.

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  • Studying of technology of 3D-printing of separate designs, buildings and constructions as a whole. Analysis of existing methods of creating physical objects by 3D printing and improvement of technology and equipment for printing buildings and structures.

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  • Methodical and applied basis of construction activity. Analysis of factors shaping demand and stimulating housing construction, construction of engineering structures. The level of incomes of the population and the conditions of mortgage lending.

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  • Modern buildings require building heating device with the latest radiators and wiring. Administrative and commercial buildings of the 20th century stood out the low number of storeys and classical heating scheme apartment houses of old construction.

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  • The role of construction in the history of mankind and in the erection of buildings and constructions. The implementation by the civil engineer of a wide variety of processes that require a high level of professional training and personal qualities.

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  • The history of construction Sydney Opera House. The vaulted roof shells designed by Utzon in collaboration with internationally renowned engineers Ove Arup & Partners. The difficulties in construction. The originality of architecture. The Drama Theatre.

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  • Analysis of the methodology for calculating a multi-storey monolithic frame building for resistance to progressive collapse. Recommendations for identifying the structures to be strengthened, and measures that increase the viability of unique buildings.

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  • The Tower of London is a one of the oldest buildings in England and one of the main symbols of Great Britain. History of the construction of the tower. Ravens of the Tower: tradition that says that the monarchy in the UK lives as long as the ravens revel.

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  • Description essentially "passive house". The basic construction methods, advanced technology and materials used in the creation of a Passive House. The main advantages of the Passive House. Analysis of the construction of Passive House in Belarus.

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  • The features and problems of the construction industry. Its strengths and weakness. Importance of the branch development. Justification of the establishment of an agency to be charged with the sustainable management in the key sector of Iraq's economy.

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