GVG-RP: A Net-centric Negligibility-based Security Model for Self-organizing Networks

A negligibility-based framework to model network-centric security problems in mobile ad hoc networks. Modeling network-centric security in a negligibility-based framework with network scale as the input parameter and anti-disruption secure routing.

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  • Intellectual information systems as hybrid neural networks. Using the topology of neural networks based on a fuzzy perceptron, ANFIS, TSK, Wang & Mendel’s network to solve diagnostic problems in medicine. Influence of the fuzzy rule on output signal.

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  • The methodological, technical approaches are considered to construct the agent-based model with built-in artificial neural networks. This model describes the user's behavior of electronic, distance learning in a virtual environment of one of universities.

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  • The concept of cloud computing. Types of clouds. Advantages and disadvantages of using the network technology. Examining the main parts of the computing system. Studying the protection problems of information security in corporate and public systems.

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  • Researching network attacks, security audit tools. Securing the router for administrative Access. Configuring a site-to-site VPN using cisco IOS and SDM. Configuring a remote Access VPN server and client. Security policy development and implementation.

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  • International recommendations on Using error control coding at different network layers. The complexity of decoding in the channel with independent errors. Providing security of data in a network with the help of coding methods. Public-key cryptography.

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  • The structure of an information security program. Creation and implementation of policies and standards. Activity of federal sentencing guidelines for criminal convictions. System and network access control. Conducting a business impact analysis.

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  • The use firewalls to create a demilitarized zone to protect the servers from unauthorized access. The versions of creation of virtual private networks that can combine some geographically distant networks in one network using global information space.

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  • Cryptography from the perspective of security and mechanisms to implement them: discussing issues such as e-mail security, public-key architecture, virtual private networks, Web services security, wireless security, and confidentiality and integrity.

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  • This book introduces ssl and tls, and provides the essential context for both. Web security and electronic commerce and creation of ssl. History of ssl and its transformation into tls. The relationship of ssl to other network security technologies.

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  • Especially the use of simulators to create a network for conducting research in the field of computer networking. Research simulators (Ns-2, Oрnet, PacketTracer, etc.), their comparison on the basis of performance IP networking with the security settings.

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