Activities Avicenna

A brief sketch of the life of the famous ancient physician Avicenna, the analysis of his works. Stages of formation and evaluation of scientific achievements. The value of the activities of a doctor in the world. Areas of scientific work Avicenna.

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  • A brief sketch of the life and activities of the I.P. Pavlov like Russian physiologist known primarily for his work in classical conditioning. Scientific achievements of the scientist and the direction of his research. Awards and honours of the Pavlov.

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  • Avicenna - the Father of Modern Medicine. The Man of the Hour. Main Interests. His Own School. Avicennism. Cont. of his Avicennism School. Success. A Few of his Discoveries. Medicine and Pharmacology. Avicenna's Four Humours and Temperaments. Engineering.

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  • Resource science of medicinal plants is a large and important section of scientific and practical activities of various specialists. Pharmacological studies and the introduction into pharmacology. The main stages of research of medicinal plants.

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  • Stages of the life journey of Professor Shinkerman - an outstanding scientist, professional teacher and doctor-pathologist, organizer of the Department of Pathological Anatomy and modern pathoanatomical service in Bukovina. His achievements in science.

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  • The role of the Church in the formation of the Kiev state. Achievements of the monastic medicine of the Princely age. Comparison of the availability and effectiveness of the medical practice of a Russian healer, a secular physician and a monk-doctor.

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  • Study of the opinion of geriatric patients about the received health care in the hospital, the conditions for improving the quality of nursing care in hospital departments. Evaluation of the activities of nursing staff of hospitals in the city of Plovdiv.

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  • Characterization of determination of the main trends in sales of prescription and non-prescription medicines from domestic pharmacies is one of today’s topical areas of medicine and pharmacy. Prognostication and analysis of indexes of drug sales.

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  • Nickel–Titanium instruments have been designed and dentists, chemists and manufacturer have worked hard to optimize instrument geometry and their surfaces. Clinical application and describes the various scientific reports that have been published.

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  • Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital (CHBAH) - the third largest hospital in the world. Activities of African Centre for Gene Technologies Philosophical Papers. The history of the creation CHBAH. Consideration of the largest hospitals in the world.

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  • The history of the birth of medicine in Egypt, Mesopotamia, India and China. Sources for studying medicine of the ancient Egyptians. The Gods, who patronized the medicine in different countries. Features and differences of treatment among peoples.

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