English mathematical symbols and expressions. English-Ukrainian and Ukrainian-English mathematical dictionaries. Basic terms

Names of Greek letters and their pronunciation in formulas. Some facts on the development of the number system. Abbreviation and mathematical dictionary for the telecommunications specialists. Expressions and constructions used while retelling texts.

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  • Korobov polynomials as paradeterminants of triangular matrices. Some of the formulas of interpolation of functions of many variables and the discrete analogue of the summation formula of Euler - basic use of mathematical polynomials of this type.

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  • Consideration of the Shannon's mathematical theory of communication as the technology processing of information. Problems associated with the transmission of messages: eliminate redundancy, perform coding and messaging communication channels with noise.

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  • Basic formulas of combinatorial analysis. Theorem of addition of probabilities of incompatible events. Theorem of multiplication of probabilities. Bayes’s formulas. Mathematical operations over random variables. Properties of a distribution function.

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  • Several aspects of systems theory. Arithmetic of cardinal numbers. Crises of naive set theory. Constructions of ordinal and cardinal number systems. Growth of the polish school of mathematics. Bellman’s principle of optimality and its generalizations.

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  • Approximations in Scientic Computation, сomputer Arithmetic, mathematical Software. Linear Systems, solving Linear Systems, Iterative Methods for Linear Systems. Linear Least Squares, eigenvalues and Singular Values, Nonlinear Equations, optimization.

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  • Solving the Cauchy problem for the heat equation with random factors as a classical problem in mathematical physics. The main stochastic processes in the Orlicz space. Estimates of the distribution of the supremum of a solution of the heat equation.

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  • Characteristics of laminar and turbulent fluid flows. Analysis of the relationship between the Reynolds number and turbulence. Solution of the Navier-Stokes hydrodynamic equations. Investigation of the structure and inhomogeneities of a cellular flame.

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  • Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss - a German mathematician. His outstanding scientific achievements. The fundamentals of modern balancing and mathematical statistics (the least squares method). Developing number theory, analysis, differential geometry.

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  • Applications of the mathematics of harmony as a new interdisciplinary direction of modern science. Algorithmic measurement theory, number systems with irrational bases and their applications in computer science, the hyperbolic Fibonacci functions.

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  • Model of motion, which takes into account the asymmetry of hulls, infiltration processes and surface waves in the form of a system of nonlinear differential equations. Estimation of the error as a function of the magnitude of the initial velocities.

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