A learning platform for developers of fault-tolerant systems based on the signal-parametric approach

Features a training platform for developers of fault-tolerant engineering systems. Application of the theory of diagnosing а state of the system and flexible recovery of her health. Support adaptive learning process using Bayesian probabilistic networks.

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  • Types of knowledge-based systems. Logic, rules and representation. The use of registered names, trademarks in engineering. Expert systems, neural networks, genetic algorithms, case-based reasoning systems and methodologies of intelligent agents.

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  • The concept of e-learning, its advantages, flexibility of time and place in comparison with formal learning. Creation of a hybrid information system that integrates computer vision and machine learning technologies for visual and interactive systems.

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  • Motivation from Genetic and Evolutionary Computation. Factorization of the Search Distribution. The Convex and Concave Lagrangian. FDA Factorizations and Region Graphs. Probabilistic Optimization and Linkage Learning. Learning Bayesian Networks from Data.

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  • The essence of using a functionally complete tolerant elements. Comparison of the exponential reliability functional performance. Rating and characteristic tree of the transmitting transistors. Description of redundancy of the transmitting transistors.

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  • Basic Notions of Systems and Signals. State-space Models. Process Modeling for Control Purposes. Input–output Models and Realization Theory. Controllability and Observability of LTI Systems. Stability and The Lyapunov Method. State Feedback Controllers.

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  • Describe the architecture for building a cloud-based SaaS application platform, the main characteristics of the services. Creating a software template for the device of communication inherited of air transport, the use of algebras of real-time processes.

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  • Possibilities and features of artificial neural networks. Areas of practical application of artificial neural networks. Voice interface distribution and visual serach. Learning neural networks. The following visualization. Direct error propagation.

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  • The nature and characteristics of distributed operating systems. Characteristic and distinctive features of operating systems real-time. Description, application and purpose multiprocessor operating systems, its role and place in computer security.

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  • The study of accidents and disasters involving a variety of critical infrastructures, assessment of the level of fault tolerance software management systems. The calculation method based optimization of software testing management system infrastructure.

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  • Kompyutinhove storage as one of the paradigms of periodic training neural networks through the use of rekurrentnoyi other indicators. The new approach, which focuses on learning fuzzy systems thatand its parameters are adapting their structure online.

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