Diversification: macro level analysis

Complex microanalysis of Ukrainian goods exporting diversification on extensive and intensive basis. The national export structure deviations from the world one. The description of product codes groups characterized by the highest export concentration.

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  • Companies diversification strategy. Factors to be taken into account in the decision-making process of diversification and selection. Determination of numerical criteria for the choice of the preferred strategy. The development of competitive advantages.

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  • Modern condition of Ukrainian economy. Fuel and energy complex. Graphical depiction of Ukraine's product exports in 28 color-coded categories. Economic development of the Ukraine. Targeted values of social-economic development of Kyiv city by 2025.

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  • The presence of powerful hidden opportunities for market diversification and cooperation - one of the features of the investment potential of the Kharkiv region. Analysis of capital investments by type of industrial activity of this ukrainian region.

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  • Analysis based on customs data, export behavior of firms under conditions of frequent changes in the exchange rate depending on the amount of the import share in the costs. Evaluation of productivity of firms with fixed effects and clustering errors.

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  • The assessment of regional concentration of world capital exports and imports, allocation of financial assets, geographic structure of stock, bond and foreign exchange markets is conducted. Provide the best economic conditions for dealing operations.

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  • Analysis of the actual position of Ukraine in world trade and the prospects of change in conditions of internationalization of capital, the scale of transnationalization. Factors that affect the implementation of export-import operations in Ukraine.

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  • The question of regional integration of the countries of Northeastern Asia in the area of energy, on the example of organization of energy export from Russia to China. Presenting the data on the current situation with regards to organizing energy export.

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  • A study of the main components of the macroeconomy in the General system of economic complex of the state. An introduction to the structure and content of the gross national product. Review of methods of measurement calculation the level of prices.

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  • Export and Economic Growth in China: A Demand-Oriented Analysis. Peking University and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. The Impact of Exports on Imports, Consumption and Investment. Theoretical Analysis of the Relationship Between Exports.

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  • A study of the seasonal and trend component of the econometric models of exports and imports of domestic goods. The dynamics of market relations of Ukraine with the CIS countries, Europe and Asia. Build forecasts the development of economic system.

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