Aristotle on the relation between logic and ontology

Consideration of Aristotle's ideas about logic and ontology and their relationship. Analysis of the philosopher's teachings about the theory of common properties of all entities and categorical aspects described by him in "Metaphysics and Categories".

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  • Philosophy of Wolf - philosopher, representative of rationalism and popularizer of systematists ideas of Leibniz. Ontology as the science of the first ground of things and of human knowledge. Consideration in the ontology concept of being and knowing.

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  • Dewey's metaphysics, a description of the generic traits of existence. Comparing the traits of nature with nature existing. Ontological status of real character. The continuity between logic and metaphysics. A non-ontological interpretation of logic.

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  • Features of the solution of the ontology of possible worlds for the semantics of possible worlds as an instrument of modern logic. Establishing the truth/falsity of judgment, for a particular possible world. Instrumentally unsuitable worlds for research.

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  • Abu Nasr Muhammad al-Farabi - the founder of philosophy within the Islamic world. Synthesis of metaphysics and Sufism in the ideas of the philosopher. Translating the works Aristotle and Plato. The concept of happiness in the al-Faribi’s philosophy.

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  • General characteristics and analysis of the content of the treatise of the great ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle. Especially his views on the nature of beauty, its ethical and moral justification. The function of art, roles of tragedy and comedy.

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  • Illustrated brief history of western philosophy. The studying works of Socrates. A theory of ideas of Plato. The system of Aristotle. The critical philosophy of Kant. Logic and the foundations of mathematics. The main ideas of philosophy of Wittgenstein.

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  • The ontology of unity as the element of Deleuze's metaphysics of difference, considered by the author in the context of the movement of philosophical cosmology of the 20th century. Creation of his own theory of the world-nature or ontology of uniqueness.

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  • "Mathematical Logic as based on the Theory of Types" - the greatest and most original of Russell's works. Contributions which Russell made to the philosophy of physics. Causality as a matter of regular sequence. Logic as "the essence of philosophy".

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  • Versions of a structuralist view of mathematical objects. Ideas from the metaphysical tradition. Distinction between "basic" and "constructed" structures. The usual apparatus of first-order logic. Minimal way of expressing simple cardinality statements.

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  • Heidegger made the distinction between ontical and ontological. The history of ontology in in Heidegger's terms is ontical, and ontology ought to designate fundamental ontology. It is from this distinction he developed his project of fundamental ontology.

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