Econometric modeling of the dynamics of volumes hydrocarbons of small oil and gas enterprises

Principles of functioning of small oil and gas enterprises in Russia. The main characteristics and socio-economic tasks performed by small oil and gas enterprises. Forecast calculations of the dynamics of hydrocarbon raw materials for the planning period.

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  • Study of the growth of fullerenes and carbon nanotubes from small clusters. Choice of interatomic potential as a key factor in molecular dynamics modeling. Fullerene assembly from graphite fragments. Structure evolution of reaction the materials.

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  • The econometric models of goods export from Ukraine and the import to Ukraine in general, their seasonal and trend components are considered. The forecast of investigated indices for III and IV quarters of 2013 is made based on these constructed models.

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  • The phenomenon of corruption. The problems of evaluation methodology and features of volumes and directions of development of corruption at the country level. The model of corruption interrelations between unemployment, competence and productivity.

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  • Econometric approaches to modeling censored demand - a tool that is used to obtain consistent and unbiased parameter estimates. The neglect of censored data when building a forecast - a significant lack of demand analysis by machine learning methods.

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  • Justification of the importance of financial analysis of enterprises in the modern market economy. Estimating of the current financial condition of the enterprise using the constructed fuzzy model that implements Mamdani's fuzzy inference method.

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  • Consideration of mathematical modeling of the immune system in the process of disease with the immunodeficiency virus without treatment. Investigation of the dynamics of infection. Evaluation of the rate of reproduction of the virus in the blood.

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  • Russia and the international trade system. Regulation of external economic activities. Foreign trade pattern. Volumes of Russian Foreign Trade with Countries Outside Former Soviet Union in Value Terms (without unorganized trade, in billions dollars).

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  • The main principles of public procurement law in Russia. All categories of goods and services. Review strong restrictions that regulate behavior of national customers. Modern problems by the participants of the public procurement system in the country.

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  • General comparison of signaling and econometric approaches, arguments for and against each of methods to predict a banking collapse. Econometric approach of banking crises' modelling. Fitting the prediction model for banking crisis 2008-2009 in Russia.

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  • Review the simple climate–economic model based on the model of economic growth with the endogenous depreciation rate linear in temperature and on the exogenous climate scenario. The dynamics of mean value of normalized capital in case of uncertainty.

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