Complex-Multiplier Implementation for Resource Flexible

Radix-22 Algorithms has been chosen to implement and the different blocks in the architecture. After implementing the blocks, the complex multiplier implementation has been done in four different approaches starting from the basic complex multiplication.

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  • Control the computer's resources, the hardware, software as one of the operating systems main tasks. The use of a graphical user interface that eliminates the need to learn complex commands - a feature of the operating systems of the Windows family.

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  • The results of program modeling of biological "molecular current generator" are described. Simulation was done on the base of experimental studying of electrical currents through molecular channel-receptor complex in membrane of natural brain neurons.

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  • Вatch generation of web pages, local interaction. Non-linear structure: blocks of text, links between pages create a mesh or network, users follow their own path through information. Delivery technology: on the computer, on the web, on the move.

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  • Features of the authentication scheme built on the complex fractal sets using the composition methods of remote evaluation of knowledge. Algorithm for client-server interaction. Improvement in security of network information resources in the scheme.

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  • Разработка программы, выполняющей считывание и сохранение массива в файле с именем, простейших операций с его членами. Составление ее алгоритма кода на языке программирования С++ в интегрированной среде разработки Code:Blocks, руководство пользователя.

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  • Общее описание и условия применения языка программирования Си. Основные этапы создания игры с искусственным интеллектом "Морской бой" в программе Code Blocks. Правила игры и разработка инструкции пользователя. Принцип реализации программного кода.

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  • Introduction to Blind Signal Processing: Problems and Applications. Iterative Algorithms with Non-negativity Constraints. Basic Properties of PCA. Extraction of Principal Components. SOS Blind Identification Based on EVD. Computer Simulation Experiments.

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  • Development and implementation of new technologies in banking services. The ability to improve the existing anti-fraud model used in real banking practice. Clusters and their impact on the assessment of the existing anti-fraud model. Data Chart Analysis.

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  • The complex of program models of technical system of ecological monitoring, its structure and components. Models based on the results of the studied biophysical effects of the influence of certain technical pollutants on the cells of living organisms.

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  • A novel tool for analyzing classical cryptographic protocols to model the more complex Internet security protocol families. The modifications that were necessary in the tool and how the tool illuminates flaws in the Transport Layer Security protocol.

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