Methods of investigation

The process of scientific investigation. Linguistic generalization is to be followed. The methods of investigation. Attempt to find out similarities and differences in both related and non-related languages. The problems of communication engineering.

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  • Definition of the term "phonetics". Analysis of the system of linguistic sciences. Characteristic of the mechanisms and aspects of phonetics. Study of the methods of phonetic investigations. Characteristic of history of the Prague School Phonology.

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  • Investigation of pronouns declination in Turkic languages from the point of view of a historically-comparative approach Similarities and differences in the declination of pronouns in the genitive, dative and accusative cases, forms of declension.

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  • Review of publications related to the new phenomenon - the presence of minority languages on the Internet. The linguistic aspect of the "digital section" that prevents languages with a limited number of speakers from having access to communications.

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  • Communication process and its components. Some results of investigation into the process of communication, namely processes of advertising discourse functioning in the context of the Internet. Context of verbal communication, multimedia potential.

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  • The principles of virtualization of scientific research methods given linguistic and topological factor informing the paradigm of virtual knowledge. Methods of researchers’ navigation in nonlinear environment using a mental representation of digital area.

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  • The concept of word formation, its role in the growth of language. Characteristics of the main word-formation methods in English and Kazakh languages, the results of their comparison. Their characteristics and specific differences and similarities.

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  • Translation of an abbreviations and acronyms as the object of linguistic research. The problem of communication. Translation examples of acronyms and abbreviations by the example of scientific and technical texts. Methods of decoding Kazakh language.

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  • Modern forms of the verb, grammatical verbal constructions, characteristic of the English-language annotation of the scientific article, peculiarities of their use. Similarities and differences in the grammar of the two languages, means of translation.

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  • The linguistic researches of the aspects of Languages for Special Purposes and systematization of their results . The issues related to effectively teaching professional languages. The glottodidattica direction of Languages for Special Purposes studies.

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  • An attempt to give an overview of contemporary achievements in the theory and practice of raising the effectiveness of business communication from the linguistic and socio-cultural viewpoint. The business communication as a cross-cultural issue.

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