Customs and Traditions of the USA

Mother’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving Day. The combination of the words tradition and custom. The traditions dealing with private life of the religious, public celebrations, traditional ceremonies and traditional sporting events. Art and culture.

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  • Russia is the largest country in the world. Russia is a country with great potential for tourism development. Russian is the only official state language. Russia's literary history. Holidays and tradition in Russia. New Year is a public holiday.

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  • New Year as one of the biggest, beloved and cherished holidays. Characteristics of the main Christmas holiday traditions. Evergreen wreaths on and over the doors and colorful stockings hang by the fireplace one of the types of household ornaments.

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  • The cultural life in the country and main stages of its development. Linguistic traditions in Great Britain. Specific features of English literature. The famous theaters, museums and galleries. The well-known British novelists, composers and music bands.

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  • Christmas is a holiday when all family members get together. Today, it is an official state holiday. Christmas tree came from Europe, but today it is in Ukraine, member of the New Year celebrations. "Kutia" is a traditional Ukrainian Christmas dish.

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  • Introduction to the Japanese culture: japanese language, visual arts (painting), calligraphy, sculpture, ukiyo-e, ikebana (the Japanese art of flower arrangement), performing arts, Japanese architecture, garden architecture, traditional Japanese clothing.

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  • The studies of particularities of the representations of the images of Mother, Hero and Leader in the context of the mythology and basic for Russian culture archetypes. Associative bonds with color, object, plant and animal of the considered images.

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  • Characteristics of traditional African clothing, its change over time, the use of embroidery. Main food ingredients (meat, vegetables, bulbs, fruits, nuts, and seafood). Features of greeting people when meeting, аfrican weapon, respect for their culture.

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  • Analysis of Eastern spiritual traditions in the context of the modern scientific worldview. Awareness of ambiguity of human existence. Exploring the Universe through the prism of syncretism. Meditation as a means of overcoming the contradictions.

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  • Environmental and climatic conditions of Central Asia. The concept of threshold signifies the distance between the two realms of existence, religious and non-religious. A passage from a space to another. Belief of threshold in Christianity and Judaism.

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  • The study of natural character "clavierization" of piano playing in contrast to the theatricality of orchestral sheets with the academic tradition, provided that the aestheticism of symbolist traditions of piano art. Traditionalism of the 1920s - 1970s.

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