Stylistic of english language

Types of stylistic research and branches of stylistics. Stylistic classification of the English vocabulary. Stylistic theory and classification of expressive means by G. Leech. Classification of expressive means and stylistic devices by Y.M. Skrebnev.

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  • Style as a general semiotic notion. Different interpretations of style and style study. Stylistic classification of English vocabulary. Types of connotations. Functional styles and stylistic grammar. Expressive means and devices, text interpretation.

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  • Different classification of expressive means. Hellenistic rhetorical system. Transferred use of structural meaning. Classification of expressive means and stylistic devices. Classification of Homonyms in the "Alice in wonderland" of Lewis Carroll.

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  • Stylistic devices making use of the meaning and structure of language units. Phonetic expressive means and devices. Characteristics types of metaphors. Climax – lexical or syntactic repetition. Chiasm - a reversed version of syntactic parallelism.

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  • Familiarity with specific features phonetic and graphic expressive mean sand stylistic devices. Research and characterization the essence stylistic semasiology. Definition of the concept of lexico-semantic stylistic devices and figures of substitution.

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  • Stylistic march to the sound of the words or sentences. Onomatopoeia in English. Giving melodic sound statements using alliteration. The use of composite and incomplete rhymes with poetry writing. The rhythmic and stylistic organization of the text.

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  • Correlation of style, function in the language. Stylistic neutrality and stylistic colouring. The notion of stylistic function. The Varieties of the language. The notion of stylistic function. Territorial varieties, Vocabulary in the aspect of time.

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  • Consideration of the basic concepts of style and stylistics. Description of phonetic and lexical means of expression and syntactic stylistic devices. The classification of functional styles in English. Solving practical problems on stylistic analysis.

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  • The theory of grammatical gradation. Metaphor and types of transposition. Stylistic potential of parts of speech. The expressive power of affixation. The stylistic of the noun, article. The adjective and its stylistic function and properties of the verb.

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  • The subject of stylistics. Study of principles, effect of choice and usage of different language elements in rendering thought and emotion under different conditions of communication. Types of stylistic research the language and branches of stylistics.

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  • Short history of development of stylistic language. Literary stylistics in newspaper headlines. Stylistic receptions, their kinds, the characteristic and application examples. Alliteration in poetry and literature. Metaphor and stylistic devices.

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