Oral Translation. Its main problems

Peculiarities and Problems of oral translation. Difference between oral and written translation. Types Of Interpretation: Simultaneous interpreting (Linguistic peculiarities, Whispered interpretation), Sight language and Consecutive interpretation.

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  • The main strategies of simultaneous interpretation for post-translation analyze. Strategy of trial and error, expectation strategy, stalling. Methods of translating, adequate translation considering speakers cultural background, personal peculiarities.

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  • Theoretical information about the theory of translation. Characteristics of fact, species and major problems of oral transmission of texts. Consideration of the concepts and types of neologisms, especially their translation into Russian from English.

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  • The paradigm of types of translating from English into Ukrainian. Sight Translation is the conversion of written words in one language into spoken words in another language. The translation as a separate type and phase of preparation of translation.

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  • Historical aspects of translation. Significance, usage and advantage of the translator, machine and audiovisual translation. Types of computer-aided translation. Translating for legal equivalence. Literary and specialized translation or interpretation.

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  • The main problems of untranslatability underlying translation theory. The basic subtypes of oral communication. Paying attention to the contextual and collocational nuances of the word or the phrase - one of the features of the translator's activity.

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  • Conceptual approaches to the definition of competence in oral and written translation. Interaction between expectations of what kind of translation should be, practice and competence, through which translators create adequate texts of translations.

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  • Different interpretations of translation. Disclosure of the "rephrase" and "retelling" methods. Clarification of the tasks of translational studies. Characteristic of the linguistic hermeneutics. Identify problems interpreting the translation of texts.

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  • Theory of Translation. Semantic dissimilarity of analogous structures. Current machine translation software, his significance, types and examples. The nature of translation and human language. Different interpreting schools all around the world.

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  • The ways of development of the legal translation and its formation as an interdisciplinary issue that is at the junction of legal translation and comparative law are defined. Traditional and pragmatic approaches to the term "term" are considered.

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  • General characteristics of the problems of studying foreign languages. Consideration of the English language as a major international. Introduction to the history of translation. The linguistic theory of translation. Translation from English to Russian.

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